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Moving Forward . . .

Important updates and information about events new and old can be found here.
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Moving Forward . . .

» by Vigils » 4th Dec 2017, 12:31 pm

Hey Turlings!

We have moved ahead two months in Tur's timeline. It is now Amilsa in-character, the second month of the year 2755 KD. A lot has happened in the world, the extent of which can be found out in the Current Plot & Setting Changes listed here. This is always linked at the top of the forum.

As well as the time skip, there are a few other announcements to be made:

  • Our first ever prestige race ― special characters purchasable with licenses ― has arrived. Emerged from their eons-long hibernation in the very northernmost reaches of Borys, they come, a winter at their heels colder and more terrible than any in living memory. Doomsayers say it will be worse, even, than the Gathering Cold which first made the Mountain Kingdom what it is today. Primordial beings, as mysterious as they are threatening, cold and white, as swift as the snow on which they glide, they are the ettinar, and some say they are a punishment sent by their parents, the Elder Gods, to wipe the scourge of dragonfire from the lands of those who welcomed it in.

  • With Christmas coming, we've set up a dinky little Advent Calendar for you guys to open every day leading up to the 24th. Little gifts will appear in your inventory for each day you "open" the calendar by posting in the thread. Maybe one day it'll be a small amount of xp. Another day, it might be a scroll! Check back every day to see what your reward will be.

  • Eleanor (that's me) will be dialling back her adminship of Tur a little more because it's her last year of her bachelor's and she has to do well and the world is scary. Insalius is being promoted to Assistant Administrator because of his hard work and all-round awesomeness! He and Briza are the heads of Plots, Events & Storylines now!

  • More to come (maybe) . . . !

Hang tight, Turlings, and Merry Christmas!
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