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New Character Adoption Rules!

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New Character Adoption Rules!

» by Cholly » 18th Jul 2017, 2:05 pm

Hey lovely Turlings,

Hope summer is going well! After evaluating and seeing a current need for clarity around how to handle character adoptions, well, we've written up the rules for them! You can read them below and reference them in the Character Requests subforum. Please ensure you read them over carefully. Thanks!

Vol wrote:Adopting characters from one player to another will be addressed on a case-by-case basis. If you are interested in adopting your character to another player, please reach out to a member of the current Administration team who can assist with your request.

Please note that all adoptions are FINAL. The original owner should acknowledge their understanding of this condition to the administrator they are working with, as they will not be able to reclaim this character in the future. Once adopted, all future use of said character is granted to the adopting player.

Please only consider adoption if your character is plot important and their absence would be detrimental to existing plots/storylines/threads on Tur. If you believe you may be interested in roleplaying your character at any time in the future on Tur, please consider setting the character to inactive instead through our Character Inactivity, Retirement, and Death thread or allowing NPC use of your character to finish existing plots or threads.

If the character to be adopted is above Level 1, the adopter will need to spend the appropriate scrolls to adopt the character in question (ex. Level 3 character will cost 2 scrolls to adopt). The scrolls used to originally create/upgrade the adopted character will be refunded to the original creator.
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