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Sing Song Sing-along Prompts!

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Sing Song Sing-along Prompts!

» by Garuda » 17th Jun 2017, 3:24 pm

Yo! You ever feel like, man... I really wish my Tur character had an excuse to break into random song. Better yet, I wish I didn't have to actually think of lyrics to my very own song, and instead, had a list of song lyrics to choose from so I could have them sing those instead! Well, today is your lucky day, Turvert.

Check out these prompts put together by the one-and-only, Lucy! They're literally lyrics from Disney songs, yo.

So have at it! Splice these bad boys into your threads, and share your wacky Disney inspired scenes with the rest of your Turverts, and spread that sweet sweet Disney propaganda. (meowth)

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