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Changes to Community Rules

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Changes to Community Rules

» by Vigils » 11th Mar 2017, 10:55 am

Hey Turlings,

This is a PSA on the rules and guidelines of the site. We've updated/expanded them to better reflect what is expected from the community, particularly in terms of behaviour. Please give them a thorough read over.

  • Behavior
    Since this is an adult community, our members are expected to behave as adults - treat other players the way you want to be treated. If someone asks you to stop something or to change the subject, please respect their request and their discomfort. If you have issues with another player and they persist after you have asked them to stop, please private message a staff member. Please note we will not tolerate players abusing this principle in order to unnecessarily police chats. Our rules apply to all areas of our community, including our Discord chat. Continually exhibiting behaviour that violates our community guidelines will result in an unofficial/official warning (depending on the severity) and progress to a temporary or permanent ban (again, depending on the severity). Enforcement of behavioural rules is at the discretion of staff.

    • Respect - We are all creative people in a shared space doing what we love. It is not necessary, right, or tolerated to make others in the community feel they have less of a right to be here because of talent or identity. Respect others' work and remember we're all here to try and have fun.

    • Flaming - This includes harrassing, insulting, demeaning or knowingly and intentionally offending another player. Whether this is public (in our chat server, in their organizer, in the status box, etc), or private (through PM, instant messaging, or a client unrelated to the forum), this breaches our community rules and will not be tolerated. If someone asks you to stop something, respect their wishes and stop. If you do not, you are intentionally and knowingly disrespecting their boundaries.

    • Sexual Harrassment - We intend to take issues of sexual harrassment very seriously. Consent is important - if you do not have someone's consent, it is objectively wrong to make overt sexual advances towards them. Online, this can include sending links to sexually inappropriate material, trying to cyber/sext, sending pictures or videos of yourself or asking for pictures or videos of the other person. If you continue behaviours like this after being asked to stop, you will receive a severe warning, or even a ban. It is important for us to maintain a community where all members feel safe.

    • Slander - It is staff's every intention to eradicate the problem of slandering from our community. This is when you spread damaging rumours (whether true or false) about another person. It is unnecessary, childish, and creates drama. If you have an issue with another player, you can report it with substantial evidence to the staff team who will deal with it in a confidential and constructive manner. Rumour-mongering will exacerbate and twist the situation and it is strongly disapproved of by the staff team.

    • Your staff team - Staff volunteer their free time to help look after Tur and make sure it's a safe, welcoming place for people to roleplay (and more or less functions smoothly!) We are happy to help, and pour hours into work we don't get paid for and do just for the joy of it and everyone else. However, first and foremost, we are still members of the community. We request the same respect that must be afforded to every member on Tur, which includes the areas above. Additionally, we request that you respect that we cannot be present on Tur 24/7 and that we are not perfect. We miss things, forget things, and make mistakes. Please have patience. If a staff member takes the time to work through an issue with you - whether it be a player issue or a logistic knot in an application - please show us the same respect we endeavour to show you. We're a community and we want to work together, not against each other.

We have also added a clause to the section on rules for our Discord chat, which is highlighted below. Please ensure you understand what is expected in our public channels. This rule can also be found in the #info channel of our Discord server.

  • Discord chat
    Please do not advertise in Discord. If you feel harassed by someone in Discord, ask them to stop or change the subject. If they persist, you may message a staff member. We recommend that conversations in Discord avoid touching on topics such as politics, real-life religions, or racial issues. Our Discord chat is not a debate platform. This also applies to the #lore channel - please do not debate ambiguous areas of Tur's lore here. Though profanity is accepted on Tur, please avoid being excessively or unnecessarily vulgar. To further clarify, Discord is PG-13 setting.
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