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Changes to Valari Lore

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Changes to Valari Lore

» by Anti-fun » 23rd Feb 2017, 3:20 pm

Hey Tur,

Due to continued questions about valari size and weight, we've decided to clarify the lore to create consistency and reduce confusion.

Link to thread: viewtopic.php?f=117&t=893&p=5481#p5481

"Although the valari ability to shift forms is instinctual and ingrained in every living valari, it originates from ancient Ur magic and does not obey the law of conservation of matter. A valari's body is specifically meant to withstand the physical stress of the dramatic change in their structure, and due to this, they are typically more flexible and hardy than most other races. It takes normally one to three minutes for a Valari to shift between forms, if they regularly do so - the process causes minor exhaustion and stress. If it is a forced transformation (such as trauma or triggered), it is typically very painful."

"Average Height & Weight: Varies widely depending on the animal the valari becomes. In their human forms, valari are the same as any human, while in their animal forms they match the size and weight of the animal in question. Exceptions to this are animals smaller than mice and larger than elephants. Said animal forms will be the size of the aforementioned animals, with weight scaled appropriately."

We will not be retconning any existing characters that do not follow these rules, but members are welcome to do so if they would like to. If you have any questions, feel free to pose them to the staff.
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