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[event] Happy Memorial Day!

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Major Site Event is in Full Swing!

Important updates and information about events new and old can be found here.
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Major Site Event is in Full Swing!

» by Garuda » 1st May 2018, 2:43 pm

Yo (squirtle). You may have noticed all the doom and gloom as of late. Maybe some talk of a meteor? Well, that all has to do with the major site event, "For all the King's Men"!

All three of the main threads have been opened up and are free to join, but please make sure you read this handy dandy plot page HERE!, before you do. It is full of useful information, and was put together by our wonderful...bees?

As an added note, if you need information clarified/ wish to discuss details regarding the individual threads, please talk to their respective DMs.

This is a death on event, so join at your own peril! But more importantly, have fun.

Happy posting, Turverts. (jen)
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