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Community Rules (31/8/2017)

New to Tur? Welcome! Everything you'll need to know is in here from our community rules, current plot, custom bbCode, to the special functions of our forums.
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Community Rules (31/8/2017)

» by Vol » 3rd Oct 2013, 8:25 pm

Table of Contents
  • Site Rating & Mature Content
  • Registration & Accounts
  • Inactivity Policy
  • Behavior
  • Discord chat
  • Plagiarism
  • Graphics
  • Theme & Roleplay
  • Advertising
Welcome to the World of Tur. If you are new to our community, we recommend that you read the Newbie Guide page for a crash course on what Tur is and what you need to know to join in on our adventures. Please read the following guidelines and keep them in mind whenever you post around the site.

An announcement will be made if there are ever any changes.

If you have any questions, you can post in the Discord chat or the Help Desk or private message one of our staff members (please do not message this account!).

  • Site Rating & Mature Content
    Tur is a mature community for adult writers with a L3/S3/V3 rating - this means there will be mature content somewhere on the forums, which may range from profanity to violent or sexual themes in threads. All registered members must be at least 18 years or older to participate - if you are under 18 years of age, we recommend finding a more youth-friendly roleplaying forum on RPG-Directory.

    • Players found to be under 18 years of age will be banned from the site
      As of 10/16/14, if the staff uncover evidence that you are under the age of 18 and you have not reported it to the staff, you will be banned from the site until the date you turn 18 years old. If you are under the age of 18, you must report it to the staff - depending on certain circumstances and whether or not you have the permission of your parent or guardian, the staff may permit you to join the community under certain agreed restrictions, such as not participating in any (M) or (R) tagged threads. Any underage players that fail to report their age to the staff will be banned with no warning.

    • Mature content must be hidden in a spoiler or must be clearly identified
      All threads that contain mature content are required to either (1) have the adult content hidden in an appropriately titled spoiler with the [spoiler] bbcode, or (2) have a [R] or [M] tag in their titles, or (3) be changed into a link marked with a NSFW (Not Safe For Work) label. Explicit or pornographic images are prohibited. If you are ever in doubt whether or not the material might be toeing the line, link it instead of using the image tags and label it NSFW. Keep it tasteful, guys.

    • Player characters (PCs) must be at least 15 years or older
      Effective as of 4/3/14, we will no longer accept any player characters under the age of 15 (including racial equivalents). If you would like to create a non-player character (NPC) at the age of 14 or younger, please contact a staff member and petition your concept or reason. Though you are permitted to create a 15 or 16 year old character, we do not tolerate them being involved in any scenes that include sexual content.

    • Sexual content with PCs or NPCs under the age of 18 is not tolerated
      Please be aware that although we offer a free license of creativity for our members that we do not tolerate roleplays that involve sexual scenarios involving underage (17 years old or younger) characters whether they are player characters (PCs) or non-player characters (NPCs). Mention of or participation of sexual scenarios may only involve characters 18 years or older, no exceptions.

    • Mature content is restricted in character applications
      While the site is 18+, we would like the character applications to remain clean. No vulgarity or graphic detail of violence or controversial themes is allowed (if events like these are crucial to the background story, of course they can be mentioned, but no graphic details about them.) if it is your desire to narrate the full detail of your character's background, you may put such content in a character journal or roleplay thread, so long as they are appropriately managed with [spoiler] bbcode or a [R] or [M] tag.
  • Registration & Accounts
    Please create an OOC account before registering any character accounts. Your OOC account username can be registered with any name you desire, but we recommend that you only use apostrophes ('), hyphens (-), underscores (_), and alphanumeric (A-Z, 0-9) characters. Other symbols or characters may result in issues with account handling. If you would like to change your usernames at any time, you can private message an administrator.

    Tur works off of a "switch post author" function so that members do not need to log in/out between their accounts to post in-character. Anyone caught abusing this function will have their ability to switch post authors removed. For more information about this function, please see the how to switch post authors thread.

  • Inactivity Policy
    The first week of every month, we will have activity checks. All you need to do is make sure you log into your OOC account at least once a month for your account to be considered "active" - accounts that lack this activity will be moved into the "inactive" usergroup and will be moved from the active player listing to the inactive player listing. Nothing will be removed or deleted and should you return from your hiatus, everything will be restored the way it was. For more information, read the What is an Activity Check? thread.

  • Behavior
    Since this is an adult community, our members are expected to behave as adults - treat other players the way you want to be treated. If someone asks you to stop something or to change the subject, please respect their request and their discomfort. If you have issues with another player and they persist after you have asked them to stop, please private message a staff member. Please note we will not tolerate players abusing this principle in order to unnecessarily police chats. Our rules apply to all areas of our community, including our Discord chat. Continually exhibiting behaviour that violates our community guidelines will result in an unofficial/official warning (depending on the severity) and progress to a temporary or permanent ban (again, depending on the severity). Enforcement of behavioural rules is at the discretion of staff.

    • Respect - We are all creative people in a shared space doing what we love. It is not necessary, right, or tolerated to make others in the community feel they have less of a right to be here because of talent or identity. Respect others' work and remember we're all here to try and have fun.

    • Flaming - This includes harrassing, insulting, demeaning or knowingly and intentionally offending another player. Whether this is public (in our chat server, in their organizer, in the status box, etc), or private (through PM, instant messaging, or a client unrelated to the forum), this breaches our community rules and will not be tolerated. If someone asks you to stop something, respect their wishes and stop. If you do not, you are intentionally and knowingly disrespecting their boundaries.

    • Sexual Harrassment - We intend to take issues of sexual harrassment very seriously. Consent is important - if you do not have someone's consent, it is objectively wrong to make overt sexual advances towards them. Online, this can include sending links to sexually inappropriate material, trying to cyber/sext, sending pictures or videos of yourself or asking for pictures or videos of the other person. If you continue behaviours like this after being asked to stop, you will receive a severe warning, or even a ban. It is important for us to maintain a community where all members feel safe.

    • Slander - It is staff's every intention to eradicate the problem of slandering from our community. This is when you spread damaging rumours (whether true or false) about another person. It is unnecessary, childish, and creates drama. If you have an issue with another player, you can report it with substantial evidence to the staff team who will deal with it in a confidential and constructive manner. Rumour-mongering will exacerbate and twist the situation and it is strongly disapproved of by the staff team.

    • Your staff team - Staff volunteer their free time to help look after Tur and make sure it's a safe, welcoming place for people to roleplay (and more or less functions smoothly!) We are happy to help, and pour hours into work we don't get paid for and do just for the joy of it and everyone else. However, first and foremost, we are still members of the community. We request the same respect that must be afforded to every member on Tur, which includes the areas above. Additionally, we request that you respect that we cannot be present on Tur 24/7 and that we are not perfect. We miss things, forget things, and make mistakes. Please have patience. If a staff member takes the time to work through an issue with you - whether it be a player issue or a logistic knot in an application - please show us the same respect we endeavour to show you. We're a community and we want to work together, not against each other.

  • Discord chat
    Please do not advertise in Discord. If you feel harassed by someone in Discord, ask them to stop or change the subject. If they persist, you may message a staff member. We recommend that conversations in Discord avoid touching on topics such as politics, real-life religions, or racial issues. Our Discord chat is not a debate platform. This also applies to the #lore channel - please do not debate ambiguous areas of Tur's lore here. Though profanity is accepted on Tur, please avoid being excessively or unnecessarily vulgar. To further clarify, Discord is PG-13 setting.

  • Plagiarism
    Tur has a zero-tolerance policy on plagiarism; all written work on Tur must be original. Tur encourages creativity - it has been built to maximize your artistic freedom, so use your imagination! Any written work that is suspected of violating this may be removed or rejected by the staff and can lead to a warning.

  • Graphics
    Please keep all graphics tasteful. Pornography and explicit images are prohibited. Be sure to mark anything that may be questionable as NSFW and post it as a link instead. Please avoid posting obscenely large graphics in both dimensions and size. If something is too large, you may be asked to remove or resize your content.

    There are no coded restrictions, but here are the maximum dimensions we will accept:
    • Avatar: 200x200
    • Signature: 600x300
    • Other: 800x800
  • Theme & Roleplay
    Please keep to the medieval fantasy theme of the world. At this point in time, steam technology has not been invented and research/technology revolving around gunpowder is limited and/or unreliable. If you have any questions on what is and is not allowed in Tur, feel free to ask in Discord or the Help Desk, but there is plenty of information in our [url]Lexicon[/url]!

    • Ur Magic, Dragons, Dæmons, Demigods, Greater Houses, and Faction Leaders
      If you would like to have a physical presence of or want to use U/D/D/D/GH/FL in any of your roleplays, you must ask for pre-approval from one of our plot moderators. For more information about this, please visit the Prestige Characters, Races and Ranks thread.

    • Major Plots
      All major plots must be reported to the plot staff.

      • Lv4 Profession plots
        You must complete a Lv4 profession plot to upgrade your character to Lv4. Events that lead to the progression of your character to this level of reputation can include anything from amassing wealth, power, soldiers, etc, to inventing/discovering something, to accomplishing a heroic/infamous deed, to etc. If you intend on claiming an exalted profession, such as the leader of a major faction, you must file an Exalted Petition.

      • Exalted Petitions
        Once you have earned the Exalted rank and completed a Lv4 profession plot, you are eligible to request an Exalted Petition. In these requests, you may ask to have a special encounter with any Azrul/Asaar/Dragon Lord in an additional personal plot - or - you may promote your character into an exalted profession or extensive leadership position such as the first or second in command of a major faction, including kingdoms and the Greater Houses. You are limited to one (1) Exalted Petition per character.

        • Exalted Profession Protection
          Once you have officially been given approval to claim an Exalted Profession, you are OOCly guaranteed 8-12 months RL time protection in your claim to the role. This means no other players will be able to contest or challenge your character to overthrow them during this period. Due to the importance of these characters, you will need to speak to a plot moderator for approval for major IC decisions, changes, etc. Frequent communication to staff on what your character is doing with their exalted profession is important. The duration of protection will vary case by case.

          Contesting An Exalted Profession
          After the duration of protection is over, other players will be allowed to petition a claim to the occupied role. Success is not guaranteed - it is possible that, if a character excels in their exalted profession, they might not realistically be able to be overthrown. LIkelihood of successfully contesting a profession will very heavily depend on preparation, direction, thoroughness, commitment, realism, and communication with the plot moderators. Conditions for contesting exalted professions will vary case by case.

    • Nullifying Threads & Plots
      If you wish to reverse a thread or plot, you may post in the Thread Evaluation thread with your request. Essentially, this allows you to declare a thread or plot "never happened" and to undo it. However, null requests - threads and plots - require the mutual agreement of all participants. It is not solely up to the discretion of the thread/plot creator to nullify either unless the other participants are inactive and/or there has been no activity in the thread or plot for more than a month. Nullified threads and plots only distribute half XP rewards.

    • Thread Title Tags
      Threads may come marked with a tag - the tags are defined below.
      • [P] or private indicates players may only join a thread if they have been invited by the creator.
      • [O] or open indicates anyone can join.
      • [plot] or plot indicates it is a plot, so seek out the correlating plot organization thread if they are interested in joining.
      • [R] or [M] or mature indicates adult content and viewer discretion advised. All threads with mature content are required to have one of these tags so that players who choose to avoid mature content may do so safely. Whenever in doubt or unsure, you can always add one of these tags just in case - it is always better to put a tag up if you suspect a thread may head that way. Alternatively, you can also hide any mature content inside of a [spoiler] bbcode tag so long as it is titled appropriately.
    • Lore
      As a member of the site, you may create lore that could potentially become a part of the world and its history.

      • Lore ownership & submission
        There are two types of lore: canon lore and personal lore. Upon approval of lore you submit, it becomes a part of the site - this means you forfeit ownership of the lore and the World of Tur and its community owns the lore in totality. Your name will always accompany the text to credit your contribution and work and link back to your player organizer, but you cannot request the staff to retroactively remove approved lore. You may not use approved lore for Tur outside of Tur without prior consent of the site owner. The exception, of course, is that you own your own characters, their histories, and their roleplays - you can use these anywhere as you please. Apart from site lore, Tur claims no ownership of your character creations.

        Requests to write Canon Lore
        We cannot stress it enough - if you would like to take on a project writing lore that is considered canon - for example, about an existing race or location in the world - no matter the topic, you must speak to a member of staff on the lore team and gain permission. If you're unsure if your project counts as canon lore or not, ask us! Speaking to staff about your project before going ahead with it avoids misinformation and stepping on toes, and makes sure everyone is on the same page.

        Requesting personal lore to be made inactive
        In the event that you absolutely wish to remove personal lore you have written for the site, you may request the administration to make it inactive - meaning it will have been "destroyed" or is now inaccessible or irrelevant, but its name and presence will remain a part of the site history. For example, a family submitted into personal lore will become "ruined" and their fate "unknown", so that there are no gaping holes in current roleplays and threads for other players and characters that were involved. This means you may request for the ideas and concept of your personal lore to be made irrelevant, however, players will still have the option of occasionally referencing the lore as necessary to close their relationship with it. Upon the approval of your request for personal lore to be made inactive, it will no longer be considered a part of Tur, but it is NOT null, meaning it was a part of Tur in the canonical past. Tur relinquishes ownership of the personal lore once it is made inactive and it will be made no longer relevant to current plots as reasonably possible. Canon lore cannot be made inactive.
  • Advertising
    We recommend any advertising should be done in the Advertisements forum - however, please keep advertisements out of Discord. You may have links and/or banners to other sites in your signature if you like. If you would like to become an affiliate with Tur, please see the Affiliating & Advertising Help thread.
Thank you for your time and we look forward to talking to you soon!
- The Tur Administration
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