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The Rumor Mill

You may use the various shops here. If you wish to create and run a shop, message your idea to a Game Master.
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The Rumor Mill

» by Vol » 6th Apr 2018, 4:03 pm


This is a shop used to provide players with adventure hooks based on gossip that they've picked up on somewhere. They might have heard the juicy details in some tavern while traveling, a family may have shared what they had heard, or they were actively digging around for dirt on a potential rival. However a character comes across a rumor and how they choose to act upon it is entirely up to the people playing in the resulting thread. The end result is a list of quick and easy thread starters, which also make it easy to bring otherwise disparate characters together. They can also serve as excellent starting points for longer-term interactions between any given characters.

Players can post rumors or incorporate them into various threads, either as instigators behind more important events, or as the entire focus of said thread. The nature of a rumor is similarly broad and can be anything from gossip surrounding a local nobleman which can be exploited to pirates having buried treasure on some remote island.

Following are the rules, conditions and restrictions of this shop:

Submitting a Rumor
  1. Each player can post one rumor per month for a reward of 25xp, using the form detailed below.
  2. If the rumor is approved, it will be added to the full list of rumors at the bottom of this post.
  3. When approved, a Shops moderator will determine the magnitude of the rumor, which influences the amount of experience rewarded when a thread that incorporates it is evaluated.
  4. Even rumors of Major (see below) magnitude should still be self-contained blurbs whose outcome (true or false) does not affect the setting as a whole or the plots of other players.

Code: Select all
[b]Rumor "Name": [/b]
[b]Location: [/b]
[b]Involves: [/b](you must supply the names of any PCs or NPCs owned by other people that you use in this rumor)
[b]Details: [/b]

Investigating a Rumor
  1. A rumor can be investigated by one or more players in a single thread.
  2. Each rumor can only be investigated once at the same time. However, if a thread using a rumor gets nullified instead of evaluated, the rumor is made available again.
  3. Players post their desire to investigate a specific rumor using the form detailed below, making sure to list the OOC profile names of every player partaking in the thread.
  4. Upon having a thread incorporating a rumor successfully evaluated, one of the participating players must post a request for the appropriate rewards using the second form detailed below.
  5. Rumors can earn you a number of xp depending on their magnitude:
    • Minor: 25xp (examples include: gossip about local, unimportant individuals; nearby, abandoned ruins to be investigated; one or more beasts that are causing problems but aren't too dangerous for experienced travelers)
    • Medium: 50xp (examples include: gossip about local, more influential individuals; organised, criminal activity operating out of a town structure; a dangerous creature causing people to go missing)
    • Major: 75xp (examples include: gossip about a local nobleman such as a mayor; an Uk'Ura raiding party having collected quite a lot of loot, which can be reclaimed; a dangerous, possibly mythical creature lurking somewhere remote)
    • You CANNOT earn xp for participating in threads involving a rumor you created (but you can participate).
  6. Rumors of Major magnitude have to be the focus of a thread and may be very dangerous, but also more enjoyable.
  7. Rumors may or may not be true. Ordinarily, this is decided by the players investigating the rumor. However, if the rumor involves a PC or an NPC owned by someone not participating in the thread, the veracity of the rumor must be agreed upon with said player. The outcome of that discussion must be posted in this topic for future reference by that player.

Code: Select all
[b]Rumor "Name": [/b]
[b]Participants: [/b]

Code: Select all
[b]Link to Thread: [/b]
[b]Participants: [/b]

  1. Rumors that stay on the list for more than a year are removed to prevent clutter.

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Re: The Rumor Mill

» by marzi » 15th Apr 2018, 7:14 pm

Rumor "Name": Bar None
Location: Hellisdarl
Involves: Uta and The Felon's Tongue, references Borys Feat of Skin and Souls (x)
Details: That fire wasn't natural. That bartender isn't natural. I wasn't there, but I heard the stories about the festival. About the dead. About the woman that just... well, no one comes apart like that naturally, do they? Someone ought to make sure there aren't daemons in the city. Clearly the Allking don't give a shit if there's monsters crawling out our asses....
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