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[private; canon] Alabast Astor

Canon characters are special NPC characters created by the staff to fulfill important plot roles. These characters can only be played by the staff, so if you would like to interact with any of these characters in your roleplays, you must contact one of the plot moderators.

Alabast Astor
 • Duke of Tarnossia

Canon NPC

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[private; canon] Alabast Astor

» by Alabast Astor » 7th Aug 2017, 4:44 pm

Alabast Astor
a canon NPC created by Toska

Name: Alabast Astor
Race: Human
Age: Mid-seventies
Gender: Male
Alignment: True Neutral
Deity: The Elder Gods

Place of Birth: Arkfell
Current Residence: Tarnossia
  • Athas Bydon of Rugnos
    • Kingdom of Rugnos
    • Council of Houses
  • Duchy of Arkfell
  • Duchy of Tarnossia
    • The Elven Tarnosse

Reputation: Renowned throughout the Kingdom of Rugnos as conqueror of the Anari, former duke of Arkfell, and now as the duke of Tarnossia.
Primary Profession: Duke

Profession Details: The reigning duke of Tarnossia.

  • NPC SKILLS •  
Areas of Expertise:
  • Languages - common, elvish (Adept)
  • Knowledge - history, religion, warfare (Adept)
  • Knowledge - geography, navigation, calligraphy (Average)
  • Music - vocal, strings (Average)
  • Swordplay - bladed weaponry (Average [Decrepit])
Tidetouched? No

Complexion: Mottled
Height: 6'4
Build: Heavyset
Eye Color: Gray
Hair Color: Gray

Description: Alabast is a man well past his prime. Once hale and fresh, shoulders straight and spine unbending, he has since fallen from grace; hunchbacked and far into his dying days. His hair lost its luster, receding to the back of his skull, hanging by a tuft, a mockery of his youth. His skin is mottled and pock marked, oft powdered or oiled at the cheeks to dull the sickly pallor. A crooked hook of a nose, broken in several places sits squarely in the center of his face. Skin that sags off his cheekbones and jowls, rippled at the chin etch the stories of his wealth for all to see... the stories of his conquest. They remain in his eyes. Haunted, hollow things. Sharp with a wet light, even in the depths of his cups. A tall man, once muscular and now riddled with age and opulence, belly doubling over his chest and legs twice the girth of a man's head.

Alabast was born into regality. Given the best since birth: Education, money, privilege. A man who never knew to want. All of his desires were met, and he grew into authority. Raised as a warrior, gifted with command, and thrown into the upper echelons of Rugnosant society, he became a figure of worth.

Worth to the kingdom, to his family, and known across the world for a name he was given, never earned. Within the confines of a Rugnosant court, Alabast's early days were defined with conquest. He was a soldier first and foremost, respected for his skill with a blade, or so the rumors went.

A fiery man, wont to duel any who looked crossways at his wife. One of the many; he collected women the way lesser men pick stones or stamps.

Soon, he came to himself in full. Loyal soldier for the crown, son of the late duke of Arkfell. He inherited his father's position, became the liege of all of Arkfell, and meted out justice as he saw fit. For all the world it was his kingdom, a niche within Rugnos carved out solely to suit his whims.

Sold to the crown, given prudence over his domain: Alabast Astor.

Weaned on nepotism's teat, fed victory and praise from the bowels of youth, Alabast grew to loathe his position. He drowned himself in opulence, in the finest of wines and most fickle of women... anything he could buy, anything to dull the worming self-deprecation that wriggled in his skull. That haunted him with the shadows of doubt, of worth.

What measure of man slunk within his own father's shadow? Alabast was more, and the shallow ambiance of court ate at him. Whittled away his patience, his mannerisms, his station.

With the Spellwar's dawn, he determined to prove his worth, to earn the title so bestowed upon him. Mobilizing troops, leaving his wife, his mistresses, and his bastards behind, he etched his name into the Tarnossia. Brought the elves to their knees. After a grueling struggle, after beseeching Toden and mewling out praise for Bamot and all his azrul, he found his merit. Found his claim, his fame. Made himself more than his father, more than a nepotistic brat of a noble so lost in his cups he could scarce recall his own estate.

When the crown dictated that Tarnossia fall under official Rugnosant rule, Alabast volunteered himself. Eschewed his former duchy, his people, and took to the volatile role of protector of the Tarnossia. And he was lauded as a fraud. But the sudden shift in duty, the rush of diction over a people he conquered...

He could not deny its hold.

Alabast Astor, duke of Tarnossia. The infamous bastard of the Anari. Protector of the Tarnossia. Womanizer. Hedonist. Conqueror. A man of many faces, a man who sought pleasure and glory until at last he felt satisfaction easing through his hands one grain at a time.

A man awaiting death as he watches the squabbles of his children.

Status: Hale and healthy.

History & Development:
  • 2680 KD - Born
  • 2720 KD - Inherited the duchy of Arkfell
  • 2740 KD - Beginning of the Spellwar
  • 2741 KD - First mobilization of Arkfell's troops for the war effort
  • 2743 KD - Conquest of Tarnossia
  • 2744 KD - Coronation as duke of Tarnossia
  • 2754 KD - Present day

Type of NPC: Private; you must ask the creator for permission to use this character!
Additional Comments: This character is canon, meaning it is primarily to be used in important plots and it may not often be used for individual or personal roleplaying threads. If you would like this canon to make a cameo or personal appearance in one of your threads, be sure to contact the administration with details.
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