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[private] Isthîriel Saérira Nhaéssyr

A Non-Player Character (NPC) is a minor character that you either want to share with other players or are characters that are supplemental to the development of your story but are not someone you want to actively roleplay as a fully developed player character.
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[private] Isthîriel Saérira Nhaéssyr

» by Izsha » 6th Nov 2015, 4:56 am

a private NPC (previously a PC) character created by OTTER

Name: Isthîriel Saérira Nhaéssyr
Race: Azruc
Age: 174 Year (2580 K.D., 25 Osaghyle)
Gender: Female
Alignment: Chaotic Neutral
Deity: Ziatonuth

Place of Birth: Village of Hastow, Wayland Wilds
Current Residence: Imprisoned (Previously Nomadic)
Affiliations: Vagabond

Reputation: None
Primary Profession: Con-Artist

Profession Details: She cons people in an attempt to earn a little money.

  • NPC SKILLS •  
Areas of Expertise:

(B)asic » (I)ntermediate » (A)dvanced
(C)ompetent » (P)roficient » (A)dept » (M)astery
Minor Theft ∞ Night Sky Charting ∞ Clairvoyance

Areas of Expertise Informationshow spoiler
    Languages: (B)asic » (I)ntermediate » (A)dvanced
    • Common (A); Human Subcultures: Borysian (A), Rugnosant (A);
    • Elven: Northern (A), High (I)
    • Erodian Subculture: Borys (Wayland Wilds) (I); Dwarvish (A); Htharii (B)

    Literacy: (B)asic » (I)ntermediate » (A)dvanced
    *Created her own written language.
    • Common (I);
    • *Nhaéssyr (A);

    *Knowledge: (C)ompetent » (P)roficient » (A)dept » (M)astery
    * Knowledge listed in certain areas is not a comprehensive list.
    • Geography & Nature: sense of direction (A), navigating terrain (A), survival (C), forage (C), gather (C)
    • Healing Arts: herbology/herbalism (Select-C), Poisons (Select-C), diagnose and treatment: minor injuries, illnesses, other (C)
    • *Arcana: Psionics, school of the Mind: telepathy (M), telekinesis (Inexperienced), clairvoyance (P/A), mind magic (M), spellcraft (C), ritual (A/M), meditation (A) It should be noted her magic practice is currently shit-to-shot (severely weakened) now from lack of use.
    • Religion: Elder Gods, Azrul, Asaar (C)
    • Combative: grappling (P), unarmed (P), short dagger (C)
    • Other: Astrology (A/M), Astronomy (P/A), Storytelling (P); Falcon Training (A/M)

    *Acrobatic/Athletic: (C)ompetent » (P)roficient » (A)dept » (M)astery
    *Hasty actions performed drop instantly down a proficiency level.
    • escape artist (P); sprinting (P); long-distance travel (P); tumbling (C); jumping (C); balance (A)

    *Combat: (C)ompetent » (P)roficient » (A)dept » (M)astery
    *Hasty actions performed drop instantly down a proficiency level.
    • grappling (P), unarmed (P), short dagger (C)

    Other Skills: (C)ompetent » (P)roficient » (A)dept » (M)astery
    • horse riding (A); perceptive, insight (A); sense motive (A); diplomacy (P); bluff (P/A); sleight of hand (M); Falconry (A)

Tidetouched? Yes, when the Dragon Gate opened, 2626 K.D.
  • Magemarked? Yes
  • School of Magic: Psionics, School of the Mind
Current Extent of Ability:
Role-play Restrictions
  • When characters (playable and non) of other roleplayers may be directly involved in initiated Psionic interactions, they must be out-of-character consented to beforehand.
  • Consented Psionic interactions, unless outcomes are determined beforehand, will always be written open-ended to allow roleplayers the opportunity to react (and counter if they wish).
  • Azruc cannot audibly converse. They communicate through Telepathy. Permissions from other roleplayers to use Telepathy are not required.
Magic Restrictions
  • Internal and External Psionics cannot be utilized simultaneously.
  • Concentration/Focus is finite. Psionics may (or will) be disrupted (or ceased) if focus/concentration is strained, interrupted, or altogether lost.
  • Certain Internal Psionics require physical contact and concentration.
  • Prolonged or unrestrained usage of Psionics will lead to physical and mental exhaustion/pain, illness, temporary loss of the physical senses (sight, hearing) over a period of time (few hours to days), or death.
  • Telepathy may be limited/temporarily lost.
Casting Techniques
  • Concentration
  • Meditation
  • Hand and Body Movements
  • Telepathic Commands
Current Extent of Ability Information Psionicsshow spoiler
Telepathy (Internal)
  • After the destruction of Hastow and the mutation of the city’s surviving members, the Azruc lost the ability to speak; however, they gained an ability in its place: use of a lesser form of telepathy. Already a tidetouched psion before Hastow’s demise, Isthîriel’s telepathy has only strengthened with usage and time. She is able to transmit emotions, images, and vocalized speech through her relayed thoughts and like many Azruc, her communicated thoughts are difficult to shield out. Unlike many Azruc (unless they are tidetouched psions also), she is able to use her telepathy over a greater distance and span of time.
Telekinesis (External)
  • Inexperienced. (removed 11/9/2014 to further focus/strength character in Mind Magic // no telekinetic spells were used in role-play)
Clairvoyance (Internal)
  • Although a minor ability among many Psions, it is the most-experimented ability she’s tried to develop. While Psions are able to learn to peer sheer seconds into the future, she’s developed the ability to peer a few minutes ahead. Still, she tries to utilize Astrology and Ritualcraft in an attempt to learn (although never successfully) how to peer further into the future (a day ahead) surrounding herself or an individual.

    o Additional Role-player permission (and cooperation) is required to use clairvoyance magic in role-play.
Mind Magic (Internal)
  • Mind magic carries with it a vast myriad of possibilities and is a branch of Psionics Isthîriel continues to avidly learn how to utilize. It carries the ability to manipulate dreams, thoughts, read and manipulate memories, but Isthîriel has learned to do far more. She’s learned how to create memories where there were none before, telepathic suggestion, attempted acts of domination (person and beast), instilling specific (or amplifying/diminishing) emotions in others, etc; however, much of what is done in Mind Magic requires more than spells cast: eye contact, physical contact, use of poisons or drugs, states of weariness or sleep, alcohol. When one or more of these are employed, the physical and mental strain created when casting (and actively using) Mind Magic is reduced.
    o Additional Role-player permission is required when more severe acts of Mind Magic are potentially employed in role-play.

Description: Complexion: Fair, Tanned
Height: 5'6"
Build: Hourglass
Eye Color: Jade; (glowing) Scarlet
Hair Color: Raven Black
Distinguishing Features: Bright Scarlet Erodian Runes; (carefully) Mutilated Ears

Description: If the Northern Elves of the Wayland Wilds are able to physically identify their kin from afar, beyond the appearance of clothing, then the Nhaéssyr and Nhaésyrn family lines are certainly able to do so. Neither family knows when one of their common ancestor (or ancestors) were involved with an Erodian (or Erodians), but in doing so, the Erodian(s) left his or her (or their) tall-tale feature, the rune-markings, on the fair-skinned bodies of the Northern Elves. The family, no longer consisting of fairer hair colors and skin-tone, is an odd array of shades even to present day. Isthîriel’s hair is a raven shade, similar in color to her older brother’s and mother’s. Her eye color is considered common among the Northern Elves: a jade green hue, the shade is nearly drowned out by the perpetual scarlet glow her eyes emit.

The many runes which display her Erodian heritage are shaded in various hues of red and originate from a mark near her heart. They cover areas of her upper torso and back, extending further out across her limbs. Other distinguishable markings she displays are faded burns from when Hastow was destroyed and faded scars from roughened encounters with the Toden or law-abiding officials. Her long hair also covers the scars of another sort: three decades ago, she, out of bitterness, had the upper portions of her pointed ears removed.

Usually donned in peasant dresses of risqué or near-risqué nature, her love for rich-colored dyes has remained true to this day. Beyond the items she may need to comfortably travel from place to place (or relative to her profession), she'll seldom carry what's not of use to her.

Isthîriel honestly cannot remember a time when “strife” failed to play a key role in her life. The periods of turbulence she bitterly grew accustomed to, and more importantly, survived through, cemented the bitter belief life was nothing else but strife! Bitter events seldom voiced about, she’d prefer if it’d remain that way. The past is the past (though there are moments she wished she could firmly cease dwelling in the memories of better days) and it cannot be changed.

She started from humble beginnings: lower-class, religiously-devout family, apothecary/merchant business in Hastow, the daily struggle to make ends meet. It sounds normal, does it not? Well, it was normal… for a time, even before Hastow fell to its ruin from Esrod’s madness. As her childhood passed, she easily learned to “make do” with what she had while continuing to regard the world in a more positive light. Although she’d lost a majority of her family in The Culling “Year of Blood,” she tried to pick up the pieces and move on her in life. She eventually obtained an apprenticeship with a local Falconer to help support what little of her close family remained, besides the eventual family she’d too have…
…until Hastow was destroyed. She doesn’t quite remember all of the events of that day, but what she does keenly remember is, minutes before the explosion occurred, she was running madly down a street.

Year after year, decade after decade, shards of optimism were replaced with shards of cynicism; still, she seldom has reason to simply lash out at those around her in acts of physical violence. There’s hardly any pleasure to be gained in doing so. In light of this revelation, she could “almost” be considered mild-mannered. She prefers to exercise patience… and for good reason. After the mutation, many became fearful, if not aggressive, of her presence. She has much to be wary of. Ironically though, she still has the habit of simply “making do” with certain aspects of her life where as in other aspects…

Status: Unhealthy from Imprisonment.

History & Development:
  • 2580 K.D., 25 Osaghyle, Izsha is born.
  • 2626 K.D., the Dragon Gate opens. Izsha is affected by the Tide and starts to display talent in clairvoyant magic.
  • 2627 K.D., her crude use of clairvoyant magic allows her to escape a local witch hunt in southern Borys. The majority of her direct family are slain out of fear.
  • 2647 K.D., met Alruneli Nhaésyrn, a Hunter of the Wayland Wilds
  • 2649 K.D., Alruneli challenges Isthîriel to a ceremonial Falcon Hunt; Isthîriel loses the Hunt, and Alruneli weds Isthîriel. Isthîriel eventually grows fond of Alruneli. Alruneli and her permanently settle in Hastow.
  • 2675 K.D., Isthîriel and Alruneli have a daughter. They consider having a second son.
  • 2711 K.D., Hastow is destroyed by Esrod. Isthîriel and Alruneli’s daughter is killed. Isthîriel cannot forgive Alruneli and due to their newfound repulsion to one another, they separate. From time to time they cross paths in the Wayland Wilds, but eventually Izsha travels south to Rugnos. Alruneli chooses to travel into the Lowlands]Isthîriel Saérira Nhaéssyr, a local Falconer of Hastow
  • 2718 K.D., Izsha is captured by mage hunters and brought to the Eidolon to be mage-marked. Throughout the years, she's ended up in the Eidolon to serve time for "illegal use" of her magic.
  • 2748 K.D., Alruneli and Isthîriel cross paths with one another. Isthîriel realizes Alruneli to be one of the undead and attempts to kill him. He loses his hand as an end result of their conflict. Still, he cannot bring himself to kill Isthîriel, but she is all but dead to him.
  • 2754 K.D. Izsha crosses paths with Mikhail Morir. Things do not bode well and she is currently "quartered" in the Morir's Fine Dungeons.

Type of NPC: Private
Connected To: She was originally a PC (Player Character) of Otter's. I have decided to transfer her into an NPC due to role-playing decisions I am making. She is currently connected to the Innocence plot belonging to Eleanor. Whether or not she is further utilized in the Plot, she will be utilized for role-play with the player, Melchior, and his character (or characters).

Additional Comments: There are no comments to make at this time.
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Re: Isthîriel Saérira Nhaéssyr, Izsha [PCtoNPCtrans; complet

» by Crow » 8th Nov 2015, 11:47 pm

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