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Romitan Kewell

A Non-Player Character (NPC) is a minor character that you either want to share with other players or are characters that are supplemental to the development of your story but are not someone you want to actively roleplay as a fully developed player character.
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Romitan Kewell
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Romitan Kewell

» by Romitan Kewell » 11th Oct 2015, 4:55 am

Romitan Kewell
a public NPC character created by Magic


Name: Romitan Kewell
Race: Human
Age: 61
Gender: Male
Alignment: Neutral Good
Deity: The Elder Gods

Place of Birth: The Barony of Bellgrast
Current Residence: Bellgrast Keep
  • Kingdom of Rugnos
  • County of Cierna
  • Barony of Bellgrast
  • House Leinstad

Reputation: Baron of Bellgrast
Primary Profession: Baron
Profession Details: Is a Baron and the patriarch of House Kewell, a vassal of House Leinstad of the County of Cierna.

  • NPC SKILLS •  
Areas of Expertise:
  • Languages - Common (Fluent)
  • Languages - Dwarven (Average)
  • Literacy - Common (Fluent)
  • Literacy - Dwarven (Average)
  • Polearm (Above Average)
  • Horsemanship (Above Average)
  • Archery (Average)
  • Brawling (Average)
  • Accounting (Average)
  • Military Strategy & Tactics (Average)
  • Morinmor Geography & History (Average)
  • Trade (Average)

Complexion: Fair
Height: 5'11 ft.
Build: Stocky
Eye Color: Blue
Hair Color: White
Distinguishing Features: Balding at the crown.

Description:A bear-like man of advanced age, Lord Kewell still retains most of the prodigious strength he had in his prime - though significantly less of the stamina he boasted. He has a bit of a belly from his vice of drinking, but rides out and often enough to remain fit. He favors wearing heavy plate armor trimmed with fur and the scarlet of his house's banners.

Romitan Kewell is a veteran of the crusades and the spell wars, a capable but not outstanding warrior and a fair lord to his people. He is the firstborn of five brothers and has just as many sons, but only one daughter. He has a tendency to allow his emotions to get the better of him and absolutely detests greenskins. He is a decent hand at managing coins, has no real talent for politics and would rather remain in his barony unless there's a fight to be had somewhere.

Status: Alive

History & Development:
  • Born in Year 2693 KD
  • Distinguished himself as a short-tempered but valiant knight as early as Year 2711 KD
  • Appointed Baron of Bellgrast in Year 2721 KD, succeeding his father, Ulric Kewell
  • Married Catherine of the Steele family in Year 2722 KD
  • Fights in the First Crusade in Year 2750 KD
  • Participates in the Retaking of Orgoth in Year 2751 KD
  • Has numerous sons and one daughter until the year in Year 2736 KD
  • Readies his men for the Lamina Tributum in Year 2754 KD

Type of NPC: Public
Connected To: Godwin Leinstand
Additional Comments: His loyalty is to his family first, then his people and often acts according to his conscience. He has a tendency to override orders if it does not sit well with him. For instance, he may break out of formation if it means to come to the aid of an injured ally - unless of course, he is convinced to do otherwise by a person of higher rank, which is no guarantee that he will follow orders regardless.
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Re: Romitan Kewell

» by Vigils » 30th Oct 2015, 2:05 pm

V A E X - V U R - V A L I G N A T
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