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[private]Avery Lysanthir

A Non-Player Character (NPC) is a minor character that you either want to share with other players or are characters that are supplemental to the development of your story but are not someone you want to actively roleplay as a fully developed player character.
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Avery Lysanthir

High Elf
Elder Gods

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[private]Avery Lysanthir

» by Avery Lysanthir » 25th Sep 2015, 11:15 am

Avery Lysanthir
a private NPC character created by Nyx


Name: Avery Lysanthir
Race: High Elf
Age: 87
Gender: Male
Alignment: Lawful Neutral
Deity: Elder Gods, although he isn't much of a worshipper

Place of Birth: Local village in the Anari forest
Current Residence: Cinderports. The Scarlett Maiden
Affiliations: Amani Mellarc, The Scarlett Maiden, The Vel'xunyrr

Reputation: None
Primary Profession: Bodyguard

Profession Details: His primary profession is to be a bodyguard for Amani, but he also is the main person who fills in and runs the Maiden while she is away on business or absent.

  • NPC SKILLS •  
Areas of Expertise:
  • Language - Common, Elven, Rugnosat (Fluent)
  • Linguistics - Common, Elven, Rugnosat (Fluent)
  • Bow (Talented)
  • Longsword (Talented)
  • Martial Arts (Mastered)
  • Intimidation (Talented)
  • Business (Talented)
  • Survival Skills (Mastered)
  • Deception (Talented)
  • Seduction (Average)
Tidetouched? No.

Complexion: Fair
Height: 6ft
Build: Rugged and broader than most elves due to a hard lifestyle
Eye Color: Blue
Hair Color: Brown
Distinguishing Features: The only real distinguishing feature about Avery is that he is bulkier than most elves, making people wonder of his descent.
Play By: Jim Caviezel

Description: Standing just at six feet, Avery's rugged appearance is only accentuated by his surly personality that he wears like a second skin. It is rare to see him smile, but he is not a cruel person. He takes his job at the Maiden very seriously and looks out for all of the employees that he works with, ensuring that they do not get into any trouble. He can be brutally honest, but most of the employees trust him completely, including Amani.

Avery's true origins are unknown, seeing as he grew up as an orphan. He was given to the local temple at birth, left to be raised by the priests that resided there. This village was the same place that Amani was born in, and the temple that Avery lived in was surprisingly spared from the drow raid on the small village. Despite being three years older than Amani, the two became childhood friends, and Avery could be seen spending much of his time in her presence, as well as her mother Ninaelel. It was easy to see that the children had a connection to each other, both feeling out of place in the high elf society that they were born in to.

Avery left with Amani when she left the small elven village behind, leaving the only home that he had ever known and the only woman he had ever considered to be a mother like figure for him. The two wandered the Anari forest together for years until they finally made their way down to Cinderports, where they both took easy jobs at the Scarlett Maiden. Once the previous owner was disposed of, Amani took control over the establishment, with Avery helping her run it. Avery was not present during the dark time that Amani was taken as Varian's slave, but he resents the fact that he was not brought to Talam with her, to perhaps try and protect her from what happened. He has a deep hatred for Varian, but his loyalty to Amani is absolute.

Status: Active; Currently found at the Scarlett Maiden

History & Development:
  • Childhood friend of Amani's
  • Left with Amani from their home village and wandered the Anari forest
  • Arrives at Cinderports and gets job at Scarlett Maiden
  • Amani assumes ownership over the brothel and Avery works with her
  • Currently works there and is the fill in manager

Type of NPC: Private; you must ask the creator for permission to use this character!
Connected To: Amani Mellarc
Additional Comments: People who frequent the Scarlett Maiden and know who Avery is are free to mention Avery in posts. Should anyone like a one on one thread with him or would like to use him within the Vel'xunyrr or other close contacts just let me know.
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Re: [private]Avery Lysanthir

» by Crow » 6th Oct 2015, 7:32 am

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