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[Private] Ysandre Ornaé

A Non-Player Character (NPC) is a minor character that you either want to share with other players or are characters that are supplemental to the development of your story but are not someone you want to actively roleplay as a fully developed player character.
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[Private] Ysandre Ornaé

» by Ysandre » 25th Sep 2015, 7:13 am

  • I am transferring, my character, Ysandre Ornae into a NPC. Once this is approved, please delete this thread viewtopic.php?f=11&t=2238

    Thank you.

a private NPC character created by OTTER

Elven Name: Ysandre Ornaé
Human Name: Eira Runolfrsdóttir
Race: Half-Elf
Age: 101 Years
Gender: Female
Alignment: Lawful Neutral
Religion [Deities]: Pantheist
Belief: Militant Pacifist

Place of Birth: Hellisdalr, capital of Borys
Current Residence: Nomadic
• Arndale [Monastery, Wayland Wilds, Borys]
• Occalond [Monastery, Vardendrak Mountains, Borys]
Reputation: Regional - Borys
  • Prior to transferring her from a PC-character to an NPC-character, two profession scrolls were used to upgrade her to regional status.
Primary Profession: Runewarden
Secondary Profession: Scholar

Character Title: “Askr'orn”
Official Titles: “Sister” “Runewarden”
Monikers: “Silver Eyes”

Profession Details:“Since the Elderdays, the monks of Borys have served as keepers of the faith and spiritual guardians to the people of the Frostcaps. Among their many duties, the monks perform rites and rituals, tend to shrines, and serve as peacekeepers between the various holds. The practices and services of each order differ—some monks serve primarily as diplomats, others as historians, poets, or scholars. Yet all Borys monasteries are alike in their emphasis on training in the combative arts. The warrior monks of Borys are fierce foes in battle, and the most talented among them are selected annually to serve as guardians of the Allking.”
Quote accredited to Huxley

  • NPC SKILLS •  
Areas of Expertise:
Fundamentals » Competent » Proficient » Adept » Experienced or Mastered
✦✧✧✧✧ » ✦✦✧✧✧ » ✦✦✦✧✧ » ✦✦✦✦✧ » ✦✦✦✦✦
« review index key for additional information »

Index Keyshow spoiler
= completed training level
= between training levels
✧ = incomplete training level

« certain skills and magic strengths are at their maximum skill/talent level »

Fundamentals = Essential Basics
Competent = Average
Proficient = Above Average
Adept = Talented
Experienced or Mastered = Mastery

Languages: Reading » Writing ✦✧✧✧✧ » ✦✦✦✦✧
  • Common: Rugnosant, Borysian, Saurian
  • Elven: Northern, High, Wildkin
  • Htharii
  • Other: Old Borysian
Wilderness: Gathering » Tracking » Hunting: ✧✧✧✧ » ✦✦✦✧✧
Healing Arts: ✧✧✧✧ » ✦✦✦✧
Arcane: ✧✧✧✧ » ✦✦✦✦
Religion Practice & History: ✧✧✧✧ » ✦✦✦✦✦
Martial Practice: ✧✧✧✧ » ✦✦✦✧✧
Culture & History: ✧✧✧✧ » ✦✦✦✧
Tidetouched? Yes
  • Magemarked? No
  • School of Magic: Restoration, School of Healing

Current Extent of Ability:
✦✦✦✧✧ • ✦✦✧✧✧ • ✦✦✦✦
Healing • Purge • Enhance

« current magic strength »

Current Extent Magic Restrictions and Casting Techniquesshow spoiler
Magic Restrictions
• Healing Spells cannot be cast on self, or others, while in direct conflict (combat).
• Healing spells do not “insta-mend” self or others; almost all injuries (bruises, fractures, wounds, illnesses, diseases, etcetera) are affected by a/an x amount of time (seconds, minutes, hours, days, weeks, months).
• The more severe, the more time (and arcane healing sessions) will be required for the injuries to heal.
• Powerful Enhancement Spells cannot be cast on others while she is in direct conflict (direct physical combat).
• See Casting Techniques, Runecasting for additional details.
• Certain Purge and Enhancement Spells require protection from others to perform (group role-play).
• Tidetouched only have so much x amount of energy to perform their magic.
No resurrection!

Casting Techniques • Difficulty Check Forum
Tidetouched (and only Tidetouched) who train to become Runewardens are able to learn a unique form of spellcasting called “Runecasting.” Runecasting is the implementation and usage of Old Borysian runewords to create and channel spells. “The power of each rune is tied to its semantic meaning, and in some cases, several runewords may be combined into a phrase or kenning to create a more complex effect.”

Runetattooing: Carefully devised spells and prayers, written in the runic language of Old Borysian, are inscribed among the permanent monastic designs marking her physique. They serve as a catalyst to her spellcasting, allowing her to cast certain Purge or Enhancement Spells with better efficiency. Able to utilize these spells in combat well, they not only enable her to protect herself, but also those around her.
• This style of Runecasting does not strengthen her spells.
Runic Inscription: The foundation stone of Runic Tattooing, runic inscriptions may be used to utilize certain spells more efficiently on the Spellcaster, or more importantly, others. (Touch or Ranged Spells). Runic inscriptions serve as an additional catalyst.
Other: Words (Old Borysian and Northern Elven), Prayers, or Gestures are practiced to channel the tide and energy into spells.

Current Extent of Ability Information Restoration And Limitationshow spoiler
Although many Healing Spells require her utmost concentration, time, and effort to be utilized to their fullest capabilities, she will still attempt to heal what cannot be smoothly remedied through the Healing Arts with her Tidecraft. She is well-studied in the Healing Arts.

Extensive use, and repetitive casting, of her healing spells will always result in various levels of exhaustion, disorientation, tremors, and blackouts for an x amount of days, if not also the inability to effectively use her magic up to a fortnight.

Time and dedication have made her modestly-versed in the Purge sub-school. Able to possibly weaken, disrupt, dispel, reflect, or even in select cases, resist or nullify, certain spells of magic, her more active usage of anti-magic heavily relies on implements (weapons) and movement to create concise negation waves or imbue, temporarily, a weapon with anti-magic properties. She cannot be considered actively-practiced, so her purge magic has greatly weakened.

She seldom utilizes this form of magic outside of very focused, if not pacifistic, purposes, or arcane spell exercise; nevertheless, she’s learned to utilize Purge Spells in non-combative occurrences, such as the cleansing of disease and more; rarer still, in Fell and Haa’Fell-related incidences which, more often than not, cannot be combated solely on her own. Like the casting of Healing Spells, weakness and/or dizziness will occur before exhaustion sets in or a blackout occurs. When attempting to cast especially strong Purge Spells, she’s vulnerable, so she won’t hesitate to rely on others around her for protection.

Ysandre is truly skilled, and well-practiced, in Enhancement Spells. Able to effectively (and masterfully) cast Enhancement Spells to temporarily boost a single trait (or traits) an individual has, she's proven quite able to cast ranged (several yards distance), moderate-level Enhancement Spell(s) over multiple individuals; however, there is no difference made between friend or foe, so she is extremely careful when they are cast in the midst of conflict. All the same, she is able to single out an individual and cast a ranged Enhancement Spell with subtle action and soft words. Further still, in such a way seldom seen!

Wisened to the casting of Enhancement Spells over the years, she prefers to balance her casting with limited spell durations - meaning, the strength of an Enhancement Spell is directly tied to how long the Enhancement Spell will last: i.e., a warrior, endowed with an Enhancement of Strength, may deal three or four very powerful swings and the Enhancement Spell will end or, should the strength be conserved in less powerful blows, the Enhancement Spell's length of time will last a few minutes longer. It is seldom she'll cast a spell which carries both power and longevity. When done so, she will start to suffer from negative reprecussions (exhaustion, disorientation) which she may or may not recover easily from.

Commonly performed Enhancement Spells she may cast (but are not limited to) revolve around Clarify of mind, strength, endurance, heightened senses (sight, hearing), and more. As this may be however, these spells are always better performed with Runeinscriptions than without and with limited casting. Ranged, moderate-level Enhancement Spells over multiple people do take their toll and require periods of rest (minutes, hours, and little demand on other her magic use) before she can comfortably cast again.

[block]Enhancement spells will not give god-like reflexes, super-speed (or hearing), strength, etc. If a human is buffed with dexterity, they’ll become as agile an elf or better. If a human is buffed with strength or endurance, they’ll become as tough as a hthar. Present races, including select Fauna, on Tur will be used as examples of what would is considered “beefed up” in in-character posts.

Restoration, Amalgamations
The result of experimenting between Purge and Enhancement spells, Ysandre’s learned to cast an enhancement-based purge spell. It allows a buffed target to either: be affected to a lesser extent (to perhaps resisting) certain sub-schools of magic for a short duration (few minutes). Only one school of magic (and the sub-schools listed in it below) may be resisted in the span of those few minutes. (Any Ur Magic will obviously bypass this spell).
o Nethermancy: Curses, Blood
o Psionics: Mind magic
o Alteration: Hexing, Illusion

Complexion: Fair-Skin; Freckles: Face, Body
Height: 5'1.5" ~ 156.2cm
Build: Endo Mesomorph; Toned
Eye Color: Platinum-Grey
Hair Color: Copper
Distinguishing Features: Eyes; Hair; Small, pointed ears; Monastic Tattooing & Scarification; Height
Voice-Actor: Dark Souls 2, Lucatiel of Mirrah
Physical Description: On sighting Ysan from a distance, her most notable feature is her distracting rich copper-colored mane. The many years of pinning and braiding her abundant copper tresses allowed it all to grow and lengthen to the level of her waist, but seldom are there instances when her almost wild-appearing mane is unrestrained by braid, pin, or comb. Commonly, the majority of her locks are braided loosely and left to fall between her shoulder blades, however, should she be in need to have it pinned and braided wholly up, she will do so.

Were it not for her ruddy mane, her eyes would be deemed her most distinguishing feature. Their color, luster, and subtle iridescence reveal her lineage to be not of one race, but of two races and, to the well-trained eye, more worldly-experienced Elvenkind, the subtler indications of a third race’s influence may too be noticed. There is a sense of age carried in those pale platinum eyes, but just as they do, they also regard the world with an in-depth clarity many others are not capable of. She sees the world in its many details, diminutive or grand as they are. Seldom do her eyes waver when focused on someone or something, especially those who tower over her short stature. Hardly daunted, it should be noted she accepts her physical height with a quiet grace, though she may lightly voice humor on the topic of her size; however, Ysandre’s height should not be considered unusual among the northerners. The stature and physique she inherited carries true from her mother’s ancestry, her small, but pointed ears included.

Ysandre’s small, average-framed stature and quiet, patient demeanor disarms most in her company, however, those who are well-versed in combat training may realize the woman moves with a light, well-balanced stride, masterfully so. Her many years of training shows not only in her movements, but also in her strength, flexibility, and developed muscle tone. Women her size seldom weigh over one hundred pounds, but she maintains the average weight of one hundred and twenty pounds. Ysandre is no stranger to physical combat (martial and weaponry) training and trained as she is, it does not make her an easy foe to conquer. Still, in the last few years, Ysandre struggles to understand and accept the idea, or a form thereof, of restraint or pacifism. It is an inner demon of hers.

Although Ysandre has little physical scars (from combat) to account for, the tidetouched school of Restoration is perhaps the reason to this. What does stand out are the series of intricate tattoos (and scarifications) marred into her pale flesh in various shades of dark imperial blue, greys, and ebony.

Extended Character Descriptionshow spoiler
Monastic Tattooing & Scarification: Half a decade ago, an Ash Tree (of Life), attributed to Taneth, was permanently inked onto her upper back. Inked Runewords in Ancient Borysian encircle the design in three large “wheels.” Beneath the tattoo however, are scarifications which echo the tree's design. These scarifications, of the roots and branches, spread beyond the inked design and interwine with the inked Runewords. Every so often the scarification needs renewed, due to her Restorative Magic (and Elven heritage) cleanly healing her over a matter of months/years.

Various-colored, permanent dyes have been applied onto her shoulders and down the length of an arm onto a hand. Carefully applied Runewords can be made out in the color, whether inscribed by darker ink or the application of scarification. Faded ink designs (shamanic animal shapes) band delicately around her other limbs. High on the top of her right thigh, an outline wraps up about her abdomen around her waist to rest across the lower portion of her back. It is visually gripping, a heavy mixture of permanent dyes and scarification of a Vardendrak Mountain Bear. And the pale-bear claws (and paws) which “marr” her shoulders and upper back? They too are echoes and tributes to the Mountain Bear; however, dyes are absent on these series of scarifications that have yet to be fully completed.

Northern Clothing Description: The fair-skinned, light-colored freckled half-Elf will gear and garb her person in what is deemed suitable, region-wise in Tur. In the north, it is not uncommon to see her clad in fur (seal or fox) and fitted pieces of softened leather over her chest (vests over flax linen tops), waist (ground-length skirt or breeches), or limbs (boots). If armor is donned, they are well-crafted, but weathered, fine studded-leather pieces (vest, bracers, shoulder guard, greaves, boots, protective, etcetera) While traveling, it is common for her to wear the studded-leather vest for chest and torso protection.

Everyone keeps secrets; some more than others. Ysandre, like others, has secrets to keep too, but there is hardly any reason why she would need to keep her past a complete secret. She is not ashamed of her heritage. She is who she is. Her “affliction,” on the other hand, is a different “story” and one she will earnestly try to separate from the story of her past, though it is difficult to do. There is a point where they intertwine with one another and cannot be separated and though she wishes to deny it, it defines her very being.

Although Ysandre remembers a great deal of her childhood, they were years where very little, out of the ordinary, occurred. Yet, could those years be honestly considered ordinary? There are memories she recalls when, in the company of her mother, she sighted oddities. She could remember how the shadows would dance around her or her mother or when her mother touched her pale, young face with bloodied fingertips. She would always reach for those aurelian locks and try to bury her small face in their soft waves. While these memories are considered precious to her, they are also her darkest. Her mother was a kind and gentle soul, but these traits do not help Nethermancers now do they?

The first six years of her life were quiet years, but sooner or later things are apt to change. How they changed, when they changed, Ysandre does not speak of it. The years she spent in the comfort of a Ceorl’s household ceased when she found herself placed in the arms of a stranger she did not know. Her world turned upside down in a single night, she and the stranger traveled for well over a month to the southwestern part of Borys, in the mountains overlooking the western part of the Wayland Wilds. It’d be some time before Ysandre would come to recognize the Arndale Monastery as “home.” Slow to grow physically and mentally, she spent her years there maturing and learning under the tutelage of a man named Runolfr. A friend of her mother’s and apparently her sister, he would be considered the father figure she never had. She never knew her biological father, but this seldom bothered her.

Life settled into a quiet routine and rarely did her aged aunt make the journey to Arndale from Zeraselda to see her, though letters of correspondence were awkwardly sent to one another. What transpired between them in conversations or letters Ysandre is reluctant to speak of to this day, especially after her tidetouched abilities manifested.

Unfortunately, the story of her “affliction” blends right here into the story of her “past” and unlike most natives of Borys, it doesn’t start with the conflict of war or bloodshed. No, it begins when she is struck by a lightning bolt from stormy skies above the Monestary. Runolfr always did warn her she would come to regret playing in the summer rain.

He was right.

Status: Active; currently returned to the Borysian Monastery, Occalond.

History & Development:
  • Ysandre's mother was an active Tidetouched. A Nethermancer. Found out, a member of Toden arrested her mother and she was taken to Rugnos and executed at the Eidolon.
  • Runolfr, given custody of Ysan by her mother, takes Ysan and disappears into the Arndale Monastery.
  • Ysandre's childhood is a quiet affair... until she is hit by a lightning bolt. Her tidetouched abilites manifest.
  • Runolfr decides it is best she transfers to the Occalond Monastery. She does so.
  • Runolfr passes away. Ysan grows, but doesn't undergo Runewarden training right away.
  • Ysan eventually becomes a Runewarden and begins periodically journeying throughout Rugnos and Sauria to acquire and gather knowledge to return to the monastery.
  • Ysan participated in the Spellwar. What miniscule part she played (and why) is unknown to most.
  • Ysan periodically journeys again. Why she does so is unknown is most.
  • Ysan sought to investigate the Magestone with a couple of individuals; the end results did not bode well for the group.
  • At the Summer Bardet of 2754 K.D., Ysan participates in the Masquerade and her acquaintance and charge for the night, Garnette Karuna, ends up being found out for a tidetouched. The Queen of Rugnos is murdered and Ysan had a part to play in attempting to heal others. After being "pardoned" for being a Tidetouched and released from Toden's custody, Ysan seeks to return to Borys immediately.
  • Currently present in Borys, Ysan is often in Svee Town or at the Occalond Monastery.

Type of NPC: Private; you must ask the creator for permission to use this character! (pick one, delete the other)
  • After careful thought, I (Otter) decided to transfer this character into a non-player private character from a played character; as her creator, I believe it is for the best because I wish to continue role-playing her. Not as a traveling adventurer, but rather an Occalond and Borysian inhabitant that will help promote and further the storylines of other players affiliated with the Occalond Monastery. Ysandre was originally created back in June of 2014.
Connected To:
  • She is not directly connected to any character; rather she is connected to the Occalond Monastery itself and is meant to serve as an interactive NPC for other Runewardens and/or Borysian inhabitants for potential plots and/or storylines.
Additional Comments: None.
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Re: [Private] Ysandre Ornaé [Done; transfer from PC to NPC]

» by Crow » 25th Sep 2015, 7:24 am

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