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Isis of the Thorns

A Non-Player Character (NPC) is a minor character that you either want to share with other players or are characters that are supplemental to the development of your story but are not someone you want to actively roleplay as a fully developed player character.
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Isis of the Thorns

» by Isis » 19th Sep 2015, 4:48 pm

a private non-player character created by RAPHAEL


Theme Songshow spoiler
Name: - Isis, Dela Rosa
Race: - Northern Elf
Age: - 53
Sex: - Female
Alignment: - Chaotic "Good"
Deity: - Goroth, the Dragon Lords

Place of Birth: - Allegedly Los Salvator, San Valencia, Rugnos; Likely Borys
Current Residence: - Los Salvator
Affiliations: - Dragon God Cult
Her own faction, founded for the purpose of spreading the cult of Goroth to San Valencia.

Kingdom of Rugnos

Reputation: None.
Primary Profession: - Priest/Theologian

  • NPC SKILLS •  
Areas of Expertise:
Index: Poor (P) Average (A) Above Average (AA) Skilled (S) Mastered (M)

Languagesshow spoiler
  • Languages - Common (M)
    Literacy (S)
  • Languages - Castald (Catamaran Dialect) (M)
    Literacy (S)
  • Languages - Elvish (M)
    Literacy (S)

Martialshow spoiler
  • Magic (M)
  • Archery (M)
  • Pike (S)
  • Tactics (S)
  • Horsemanship (S)
  • Hunting (AA)
  • Kite Shield (AA)

  • Influence; Authority Projection (M)
  • Rhetoric; Persuasion; Negotiation (M)
  • Leadership (S)
  • Lobbying (S)
  • Politics (S)

Lifestyleshow spoiler
  • Writing (M)
  • Storytelling (S)
  • Organization (Charity/Business) (S)

Tidetouched? Yes
  • Magemarked? Yes
  • School of Magic: Evocation
Extent of Control: Amazing Control
Potential: Dangerously High; And, due to control, disastrous power.
Isis has been practicing magic for nearly forty years, being a Northern Elf - likely from Borys - who was exposed and given guidance as a result from her community which was - back then - somewhat more closed to magic than they are now, though unwilling to demand her submission as a result of her latent power. She was trained by a mage of her kind, a man named Randil Theran, and given knowledge of spells that many others did not possess. As a result, Isis became a powerful mage . . . almost too powerful. She eventually grew arrogant of her abilities and sought to use them for sport, beginning a career in hunting Drakes in the Lowlands for prestige and riches alike.

She focuses on Offensive Energy; in her drake hunting days, she would particularly use her Evocation magic to summon weapons of vastly superior power to regular ones - such as bows and arrows - and as a result became capable of, over time, piercing the thick scales of Drakes and inevitably killing them. Each battle took a lot out of her, though, and she would experience an intense burning sensation as well as the locking of her nerves several hours after the evident overuse of magic, akin to a body-wide sciatica attack where she could not move her body.

Complexion: - Pristine, fair, glowing
Height: - 5'8"
Build: - Athletic
Eye Color: - Sea Blue
Hair Color: - Pale Blond
Face Claim: - Cara Delevingne
Distinguishing Features: - Isis possesses a particular albeit somewhat peculiar looking face, with dominant eyebrows, a fairly large forehead and generally unique features. She is - essentially - the woman in the room that everyone will notice eventually, with glimpses at her face leading to longer stares.

Personality Description: - Isis is dangerously charismatic, and she explicitly targets the sensitive parts of the mind that are vulnerable to superstition and fear to press her agenda. To envelop numbers into her cult, she has crafted an identity not her own - as she was not originally born to the Catamara in San Valencia. She has created a perfect and fake accent, she has changed her mannerisms and customs, so on and so forth. Her personality itself, though, is completely original. She is idealistic and spiritual. She is pious and will often speak of community, unity and prayer, and she invites anyone who will have her to a dialogue about the faith. While not openly a worshiper of Goroth, she will discover latent worshipers by their theology and seeks to add powerful men and women to her ranks.

I cannot remember now, why I acted as I did back then in that moment - in those years, those days that haunt me even now. From the moment of my youth, I had always been brash and flaunting of my power, my ability, the proficiency I was praised for. I was evaluated to be one of the best of my generation when it came to fighting. And, as a result, I grew arrogant and set out to become a slayer of Drakes alongside a band of similar-minded Northern Elves.

For so many years, I fought these foes that stood only for their defiance of my prestige; as a result of their deaths, I grew glorious and wealthy. I became Isis of the Thorns, as a result of the way in which I had often killed these beasts - by sticking arrows into them one at a time, weak spot upon weak spot, like little thorns into a lion's paw until eventually they give out and I make the final shot.

In an expedition north to put an end to Drakes that had been moving into southern Borys, I encountered one with a particularly guarded treasure that it would not allow us to witness. It held it in its mouth and would not let go of it for dear life. We, the curious warriors that sought fame and riches above all else, pondered if it could be a treasure hidden in the jaws of the beast. We fought and pursued it across the wastes of tundra and what have you, and finally the beast succumbed to its wombs. We pried open its jaw and found not a golden chalice, but instead . . . a rose, a singular rose, surrounded by miles of wasteland. We had known that the Drakkenmarch had ignited the soil of the land, that it gave the Borysians bloom and harvest, and warmth . . . but not before this moment did I understand something: that Dragons and their Fire do not seek to bring chaos and death, but to burn away the cold jaws of the cruel, old world and bring in the paradise of a new beginning. Borys found new beginnings, and look at it now - it prospers, with roses blooming even in the most bleak of its corners, the flowers guarded and loved by the children of our true Gods.

I know in my heart, dear reader, that faith will reward us all with the residual warmth of his strong and fiery breath, which seeks to cast down evil in all things.

  • Out of Character •  

Type of NPC; Private
Connected To; Mateo de Castellano
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Re: Isis of the Thorns

» by Vigils » 21st Sep 2015, 9:35 pm

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