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Isabella d'Aragona

A Non-Player Character (NPC) is a minor character that you either want to share with other players or are characters that are supplemental to the development of your story but are not someone you want to actively roleplay as a fully developed player character.
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Isabella d'Aragona


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Isabella d'Aragona

» by Isabella d'Aragona » 8th Sep 2015, 1:54 am


a private NPC character created by Mistral

Name| Isabella Graciela d'Aragona
Alias| The Beauty of the Catamara
Title| Lady of Aragona
Race| Human (75% Human, 25% Erodian)
Age| 22
Gender| Female
Alignment| Neutral Good
Deity| Bamot and Tenath

Place of Birth| Aragona, Rugnos
Current Residence| Aragona, Rugnos
Affiliations| Kingdom of Rugnos, Church of Bamot, Church of Tenath, House d'Aragona, County of San Valencia

Reputation| None - Isabella is known by the people within the Barony of Aragona but her fame does not extend far beyond that. She is known as the daughter to the late Ferdinand d'Aragona and youngest sister to the current Baron of Aragona, Mateo. Her fame can also be attributed to her volunteering around City of Aragona and involvement with the local orphanages and monasteries.
Primary Profession| Lady
Profession Details| As a Lady of Aragona Isabella is tasked with maintaining the name of d'Aragona within the minds of the city's citizens. She acts as an ambassador to the people on the behalf of House d'Aragona and makes sure that she appears pure within the eyes of the people. Isabella must dispell any ill rumors of d'Aragona found within the city's limits and stomp out local uprisings and disputes with diplomatic grace.

  • NPC SKILLS •  
Areas of Expertise|
P - Poor | B - Average | A - Above Average | S - Skilled | M - Mastered

  • Acting (A)
  • Animal Husbandry (B)
  • Botany (B)
  • Composition ( S)
  • Cooking ( S)
  • Cosmetology (A)
  • Dance (S)
  • Leadership (B)
  • Music Composition (A)
  • Negotiation ( S)
  • Persuasion (B)
  • Philosophy (P)
  • Politics (A)
  • Public Speaking (M)
  • Rhetoric (S)
  • Sewing (S)
  • Singing (S)
  • Storytelling (A)
  • Teaching (A)
  • Writing ( S)

  • Archery (P)
  • Dagger (B)
  • Horseback Riding (B)
  • Tactics ( A)

  • Deception (B)
  • History (S)
  • Intelligence (A)
  • Law (B)
  • Medicine (B)
  • Organization (S)

Complexion| Fair
Height| 5'5"
Build| Average yet shapely
Eye Color| Pale Green
Hair Color| Brown
Distinguishing Features| Isabella possesses a soft, innocent appearing face decorated by plump lips and striking eyes and lashes.

Description| Isabella resembles her mother in terms of appearance but retains the look of serenity that her mother lost with age. Though her youth has yet to fade, one can tell that it will fall with a grace that will match the one she holds now. Isabella's hair is long, drapping in a dark brown brook to rest atop her bosom. Her eyes are pale pale green like the froth of the sea but hold an intensity that causes many men to think twice about what they say. They hold the same intensity throughout her moods, only waning in times of grief or defeat. The Lady holds her head up high at all times and walks with knowledge of knowing that her house will be restored to its originality by her older brothers. Isabella dresses like a lady, keeping her corsets and petticoats in order before having her handmaidens attend to her hair in the most minimalist of ways. The Lady wears colors that compliment the seasons and dresses in soft colors to not draw too much attention to herself.

Isabella was born to the late Baron Ferdinand d'Aragona and his late wife Baroness Catarina Alamilla. She came into the world during a brief period of respite in the d'Aragona household. During this time one would mistake the solace of the house for love between the two parents. However, this was not a retreat of love. This retreat of highly volatile fumes was just the foreshadowing for horrifying events that would take place within the castle that Isabella called home. Due to being a daughter, Catarina found herself becoming a more kind woman for a trice that made her son wonder where their mother had gone. The mother that Isabella's brothers knew was a detached, callous woman whose love was absent from the rearing of the heir apparent. Isabella’s rearing was much different. It appeared that with her birth, a switch had flipped within their mother's mind that made her care, nurture, and love her daughter.

With this love Isabella was brought up in a world that knew no harm. Often Catarina and Isabella would go into the city to visit the orphanages, nunneries, and churches to better familiarize themselves with those that their men ruled (or would rule) over. In these visits Isabella quickly grew attached to the city's citizens. They had love for her because she was of d'Aragona blood and so she had love for them. This relationship of girl and people created a symbiotic bond that stood the test of time and grew in strength. This bond still prevails today. The bond of girl and people aided in the shaping of the woman she is today. Even after her mother's handicap returned, she frequented the city with walks and graced the people with her appearance and kindness that it hadn't seen since her father had taken the title of baron.

Isabella's world-of-no-harm could only last for so long. When she was fourteen years old she heard whispers of a rebellion. These rumors came from the people of Aragona itself and caused great discomfort for the young Lady. Though she could do nothing to stop the rumors she went about informing her mother of the talkings but was dismissed several times. Whenever the rumors were brought up to her mother, Isabella observed the matriarch continue to do nothing. Her intuition told her to do something but her loyalty to the house forced her to not act. The following year, months after her fifteenth birthday, the rumors of rebellion became fact and the leader behind the rebellion was discovered to be her own father, Ferdinand. Her world was suddenly ripped around by turmoil. The castle was no longer safe for her and so she hid within the city, sheltered from her family and those that aimed to harm her by the people whom she loved and whom loved her. In this time of strife within the County of San Valencia the people gave her the title Beauty of the Catamara.

The volatile fumes were dispersed after the execution of her father and death of her mother soon after.

Now a woman-grown, Isabella acts as an ambassador for the people, often taking the needs they disclose to her to her eldest brother and liege, Mateo d'Aragona. The Beauty and her handmaidens are regarded highly within the City of Aragona and, in turn, hold a pull on the way affairs go between the Baron and his citizens. She does not use this to her own selfish advantage, but to the advantage of people, often able to make sure that festivals and celebrations are guaranteed by Baron and his advisers. Recently though, with the rising despair within the County of San Valencia, Isabella knows that her position as the people's ambassador will soon come to an end. Her brothers will soon find a suitable suitor for her rank and title to push their own agenda in terms of making it so that Baron Mateo d'Aragona becomes Count of San Valencia.

Status| Isabella is alive and well.

History & Development|
  • TBA

Type of NPC| Private; you must ask the creator for permission to use this character!
Connected To| Mateo d'Aragona, Daniel d'Aragona
Additional Comments| TBA
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Re: Isabella d'Aragona

» by Crow » 8th Sep 2015, 2:03 am

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