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[Central] House Hart

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[Central] House Hart

» by Vol » 10th Oct 2017, 10:52 pm



"Loyalty is measured by actions, not claims"

House Seat: The Knight's Rest, outer skirts of the Capital City of Thun
Current Head of House: Ser Warwick Hart
Current Head of The Knight's Rest: Lady Diana, temporary charge for Florence Hart.
Heir to the House: Lady Florence Hart or Ser Theodore Hart (Line of Succession changed after Llewyn Hart deserted)
House Motto: "Loyalty is measured by actions, not claims"

    2238 KD - A beggar called Rowan becomes a Knight due to his incredible sword skills. Tales say he gained these skills after having intercourse with a Tidetouched though most see this as a farce.
    2238 KD: - Rowan is trained by a knight named Ser Hartley the Brooding.
    2241 KD: - Ser Hartley the Brooding is killed in battle.
    2542 KD - Due to his courageous acts as a Knight, Rowan is rewarded with lands and a title.
    2242 KD - Rowan names his house after his teacher, Ser Hartley the Brooding. House Hart is born.
    2414 KD: - Ser Waymer "the White" Hart becomes Head of House Hart. Ser Waymor is known to be one of the best Knights House Hart has ever produced.
    2434 KD: - Ser Waymer dies of a heart attack whilst having intercourse with a prostitute. House Hart is in jeopardy as Ser Waymer has one son, a sickly boy named Carrick Hart.
    2436 KD: House Beaumont discovers that Carrick Hart has a relationship with a tavern girl and has impregnated her. Seen as the last chance to continue the family line, Carrick is wed to the tavern girl to legitimize the child.
    2637 KD: Ser Malcolm Hart is born. He would become the longest serving head of House Hart, dying at the age of 73.
    2698 KD: Ser Warwick Hart is born, the current head of House Hart.
    2724 KD: Hannibal Hart runs away from home, later on becoming a feared Pirate Lord. He's stripped of his claims to anything involved with House Hart and is not recognised as a true member of the House, now being known as Hannibal the Dread.
    2724 KD: Llewyn Hart is born.
    2733 KD: Florence Hart is born.
    2742 KD: Llewyn Hart flees home before he takes his vows. Due to being the only heir to House Hart, the future of the house is put into jeopardy.
    2748 KD: Ser Warwick decides he will name Florence the heir to House Hart. This brings controversy and his brother, Ser Leon Hart, argues his son Ser Theodore should be named the heir to House Hart. This drives a wedge between the brothers.
    2751 KD: Ser Warwick's wife, Lady Elizabeth, dies of illness. Florence Hart becomes the owner of The Knight's Rest as well as becoming a Knight in the same year even though she is not a male.
Past Actions & Achievements of Importance
  • Served the Kingdom of Rugnos since the house's creation.
  • Partook in any wars that the Kingdom of Rugnos has been a part of.
  • Ser Waymer's services during three different battles in Rugnos are recognised, solidifying his place as the greatest Knight from the Hart House since the days of Rowan I Hart.
  • Ser Warwick's services during The Battle of Howling Hill are recognised and congratulated.

Hierarchy and Members
  • Ser Warwick Hart - Born in 2698 KD, father of Llewyn and Florence, husband of Elizabeth, brother of Ser Leon and Hannibal. Current Head of House Hart.
  • Lady Elizabeth Waterfront- Born in 2702 KD, wife of Ser Warwick, mother of Llewyn and Florence. Died in 2751 KD of an illness.
  • Llewyn Hart- Born in 2724 KD, son of Ser Warwick and Lady Elizabeth, brother to Florence. Rightful heir to House Hart but was stripped of all claims after desertion.
  • Lady Florence Hart - Born in 2733 KD, daughter of Ser Warwick and Lady Elizabeth, sister to Llewyn. Owner of The Knight's Rest and a possible contender for the heir of House Hart.
  • Ser Leon Hart - Born in 2701 KD, brother to Ser Warwick, husband of Lady Diana, father of Ser Theodore and Sebastion, uncle of Llewyn and Florence. Believes his son Ser Theodore should be heir to House Hart.
  • Lady Diana Mason- Born in 2705 KD, wife of Ser Theon Beaumont, mother of Ser Theodore and Sebastion, aunt of Llewyn and Florence. Currently taking care of The Knight's Rest as Florence is occupied with Knight duties.
  • Ser Theodore Hart - Born in 2730 KD, son of Ser Leon and Lady Diana, cousin to Llewyn and Florence. Possible contender for the heir of House Hart.
  • Sebastion Hart - Born in 2739 KD, son of Ser Leon and Lady Diana, cousin to Llewyn and Florence. Current squire to Ser Warwick Hart.
  • Hannibal Hart - Born in 2704 KD, brother of Ser Warwick and Ser Leon, uncle to Llewyn, Florence, Ser Theon and Sebastion. Disgraced member of House Hart and after deserting and becoming an infamous Pirate Lord.

Reputation, Alliances and Affiliations
    House Hart is well known around the Kingdom of Rugnos due to their dedication to protecting the crown of Rugnos. People associated with the house have always contributed to retaining the House's reputation due to most being honourable and trustworthy. Many youths aspiring to become a Knight for the Kingdom of Rugnos are inspired by the tales of Ser Rowan I Hart and Ser Waymer the White. Another example of the strong reputation House Hart has is that a few members of the family have been given titles by the locals due to their regular appearance in great tales of warriors in Rugnos. Waymer the White, Carrick the Cripple and Hancock the Dread are some examples of House Hart members who have been given titles by the locals.

List of Allies and Adversaries
Blue indicates a strong alliance
Green indicates mutually profitable arrangements or a one-sided appreciation, more neutral than anything else
Red indicates a heated rivalry

  • The Kingdom of Rugnos
  • All Houses and Organisations allied with the Kingdom of Rugnos
  • House Waterfront
  • House Mason
  • All those who are recognised as enemies of the Kingdom of Rugnos
  • Pirate Lord Hancock the Dread

Additional Information
Nothing as of yet

OOC Notes
    If you wish to use House Hart in a thread, please ask Yeezy for permission before doing so.

Thanks to Yeezy for helping us write this lore! Click here to read the development of this topic.
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