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» by Bees » 6th Apr 2018, 11:21 pm

Spring Cleaning!

Get all your ducks. Get ‘em, now put ‘em in a row.

Fauna Compendium Update
    No longer will you have to sort through pages of lore to find that perfect predator to maul your character, or stress out trying to remember how to spell ‘Esurienti Natanis’ in the search engine!

    The illustrious Bees has wrangled every stray tsutsu, parogriff and firebird in Tur and catalogued the field notes in alphabetical order for your convenience. Not only has the Fauna Compendium’s glossary been completed, but every critter has had their lore entries re-reviewed and edited to better reflect Tur’s current lore policies and keep that gritty #aesthetic.

    If you have any questions or concerns about why certain changes were made, please direct them towards Bees!

The Boring Logistics
    The multiple topics detailing out the lore submission process have been compiled into one topic (actually, two), and updated for better clarity. If you plan on submitting lore, please read this guide before beginning.

    In addition to taking everything you know and re-arranging it, we're also going after your precious exp. Instead of a graduated scale, exp earned for lore entries is now determined by the type of entry. This is to discourage the urge to 'fluff' out submissions with extra details, while still rewarding players for the hard work they put into developing lore. The new exp scale is meant to reflect how involved the writing/reviewing process is for each type of entry, instead of how many words were written.

    Lore mods will continue to make suggestions if they feel a submission is either too wordy or too brief, but this will not longer affect the total exp earned upon completion.

Rumor Mill Renovation
    Thanks to Renegade Vile, the Rumor Mill has been re-thought to encourage more activity. Players can now submit rumors to be used as prompts for potential threads. Investigate rumors, tear down false accusations, start your own, and continue the brutal cycle of gossip!

    And yes, you'll be granted a small boon of exp if you investigate a rumor in a thread, you relentless scavengers.

(S)witch it Up!
    Put a thing in, get some other thing back... the (s)witch cauldron has been updated by Renegade Vile with a more accurate list of items. Other than that, it's mostly the same.

Sieges Take a Long Time...
    Hey, remember that site-wide plot running in Kalguru? Lamina tributum? No, nothing ringing a bell? Well that lengthy siege is still running, and over the next couple weeks our plot mod Garuda will be working to move the site plot forward and, er, well... no spoilers!

    If you've got a character participating in the Siege of Kalguru event, please finish those threads up within a couple days, or we'll do it for you! And start thinking about where you want you characters to end up next, more exciting events are on the horizon!

Coming Soon
  • *sings* I'm the map, I'm the map...
  • For the first time in Tur history, more players than ever are reaching the upper levels of the profession system. This is awesome and fun, but staff have had to think about a lot of things in order to ensure the site stays sustainable and organically grown in this changing climate. More revisions to the rules are coming, and we'd like to preemptively thank everyone for being so understanding & patient with us.
  • Writing Prompts? What about them? We don't know yet but trust us it's going to be great.
  • The bucket and scrubber is still out, and several sections of Tur are still in the clean-up pile, including Canon Lore locations, the Roleplaying Requests & Management board, and the Land & Title claims thread. Be wary of stubbed toes as we continue to rearrange the furniture in middle of the night without telling anyone.
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