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Been away for a while? New to the site? Want to know what has been going on lately? Every season we will be pushing out a newsletter to give you all the juicy details of what you missed.

» by Insalius » 12th Sep 2017, 12:56 pm

TUR NEWSLETTER - September 2017
Compiled by Briza and Insalius

Hey guys, welcome to the Fall edition of the Tur Newsletter! Here, you can read all about what has happened in the past few months - either as a refresher or if you've been away from Tur for a while, the newsletter will help you catch up. We haven’t had a Newsletter in a while, so this will focus on currently active plots and updates! If you have any ideas for the next Newsletter, feel free to PM Briza!

    Cheers and enjoy!
    Tur Staff


There has been a lot of work done staff-side over the past month. Here's a bit of information about the various projects we've taken on and how we are doing with them.

  • Staffing Changes - Once again, a big welcome to Tur’s new mods Phoenix, Malon and Briza. Also congratulations to Rye and Insalius on their promotions to head mods! Also a congrats to Garuda for being a new character mod!
  • Character Creation: Temporary magic ban - Due to pending updates to the magic handbook, there has been a temporary ban on Tide-touched characters. Once the changes are made to the handbook, the ban will be lifted.
  • Lore Submission Status: Open! - Lore submissions are fully open and ready to go. Please make sure you read the #EssentialWritLore threads thoroughly before endeavouring on your lore project. And above all, please remember to request permission before writing lore that is considered canon. If you are unsure about these categories, you only have to ask. Darten and Malon are the Lore Staff!
  • Reward Changes: Greater House Scroll Creation - There has been an update in how Greater House Scrolls can be created. Now if you possess a wax seal, you can combine it with a Professional Upgrade Scroll to receive a Greater House Scroll.
  • Supporting Tur - A lot of players have been contributing donations to the site. Thank you so much for helping us with maintaining the site! We've begun to implement colored Discord names for people who donate. Donators can also get their very own emoji in our Discord!
  • Map Updates - A big thanks to Naomi for stepping up on working on the map. The staff team has been hard at work on fleshing out the details. Players that want to help will be pulled in accordingly as we keep working on this!!


These changes are in affect roleplay-wise and in-character as of now.

  • In-character, it is now Year 2754 KD, Nasytas, the tenth month of the year.

  • King Athas has been slain! A ducal meeting had been called by the King. The purpose of the meeting was to discuss the King’s heir. Tragedy struck shortly after when the King was reportedly assassinated. The chief suspect for their heinous crime is Kaelen T. Rovelle. He is being actively pursued as of now.
  • For the first time in the history of Tur, a Dragua has been slain! Brave soldiers a part of the Grey Guard led by Commander Kaldon Vindek followed rumors of a Dragua sighting in the Dark Forest. The rumors proved true and the company of a few hundred men faced off against a Dragua for the first time. The small company of misfit soldiers, often referred to as Scrub Squad, survived the attack. Grey Guard took heavy casualties, but the survivors made it to camp safely. Word of their valiant deed has spread across Tur, drawing both reverence and ire alike. Brynjolf Kartega and Dirk Jagg were both felled during the epic battle.
  • The Vault of Korta, the most sacred site of the Hthar people, has been destroyed in a terrible blast. Hundreds dead and many more lost in the rubble. While blame is being thrown back and forth between Rugnos and Borys, the real culprit Varian Tomko and his cult of Harbingers have stolen away to spread more discord between the many nations
  • The Feast Of Skin and Souls was celebrated all across Tur! Whether in lofty mansions or out in the stronghold camps, soldiers and civilians alike came together to celebrate this joyous event with drinking and partying. It was a small reprieve from the wars that loom for a lot of people.
  • A Grand Competition was held in Sauria calling forth the best of the best in a trial of skills! After rigorous suspense and trials, the victors emerged to be the best in their skill:
    Gwyn Atte Ville emerged as the Divine Champion
    Zanna Taryn emerged as the Divine Sniper
    Farah Lahmin emerged as the Divine Cavalier
    Ihaja Dhahabi emerged as the Divine Conqueror
    Korvus Rookwood emerged as the Divine Tactician
    These champions are now recognized all across Sauria and Tur for their skills in being the best of the best!
  • Malika Al’Saif has led a successful Drage hunt in Sauria. This was a harrowing experience with only a handful of combatants involved. There were some severe injuries, but the group pulled through in the end. This team will continue to make an effort to hunt down Drages that plague Sauria.
  • A grand celebration to honor the festival of skin and souls is being hosted by Duchess Natalia Mornimor in Valeska. All peasants or nobles residing within the Duchy of Mornimor are welcome to attend!
  • Check the Major Plots roster for on-going site plots.


  • A Thousand Hells - The War with the Uk’Braugi rages on and the Kingdom of Rugnos is beginning to feel the toll. A new Sayer of the Gorbold Tribe is chosen, one who is strong with the Tide and with his convictions. A Bardet is held in Kalimasj to attempt to reconcile strained relations between the nations of Rugnos and Sauria, though behind the scenes far more is going on than meets the eye. At the height of the intrigue, however, is a plot to kill King Athas of Bydon during a council to choose the man’s heir, though the identity and motivations of those plotting the assassination remain a mystery. If there is only one truth amidst the chaos, it is that things will get far worse before they get better, potentially plunging the world into a true hell.

  • All Along the Watchtower – The War between the Kingdom of Rugnos and the Uk’Braugi Great Tribe rages on for control of the Lowlands. Recent victories by the forces of Kalguru fortress have pushed the front lines back into the Dark Forest, though once again the dense foliage and unknown terrain have stalled the advance. The death of a Dragua at the hands of a Rugnosant Scouting Team known as 'Scrub Squad' has sent shockwaves through the Great Tribe, forcing a meeting in Grat between the various Sayers of the Uk’uran tribes and halting many of their ongoing campaigns. These Dragonslayers have meanwhile been assigned to Bruda’s Grave in the hopes of training further dragon killing specialists. The war is definitely looking to be going in Rugnos’ favor, though there are whispers of Dragonkind stirring to take revenge and the reconstruction of a fortress large enough to rival Kalguru nearing completion. Perhaps the Uk’Braugi can turn the tide and reclaim what ground they have lost.

  • All Unto Carrion - The world of Tur seems to be spiraling ever deeper into chaos, each of the great nations either slowly becoming more corrupt or decadent as the years roll on. A group of like-minded individuals abhor the current status quo and have resolved to cut away these malignant elements by any means necessary. They send their agents out across the realms to manipulate events to their liking, looking to put themselves in positions of power to guide the world to what they feel is the right path to the future. Some may agree, some may wish to stop them, but their actions will doubtlessly have an effect on the world for years to come. What kind of effect, though, could rest in the hands of the most simple mercenary or righteous adventurer in the right place at the right time.

  • Under The Ice - Thegn Garman of Hjaalfigar Hold has organized an expedition to the Borys Frostcaps where a mysterious ruin had surfaced on the bottom of an ice chasm. The explorers found dangers they were not prepared for.


    Things are stirring in the World of Tur... Below you can find all ongoing plots, storylines and events that are being run by players, ones that may be set to change the face of canon lore. Some player plots are open to new participants, others are more exclusive. All are listed below for your perusal and enjoyment!

    **Please note that if you have not been active around the forum for some time, your plot may not have been included in this Newsletter. It can be added as a part of the next one if you become active once again.

    • Let’s Get Kraken! - The city of Tribune is under attack from a giant kraken! Malika Al’Saif is leading evacuation and fortification efforts to help bring down the kraken. This is a very dangerous endeavor that will test the skills of everyone involved, a harrowing adventure where people that live to tell the tale will be regarded as heroes. Major plot.
      Player: Briza
    • The Lion's Hunger, Part I:- Forley Valest is aiming to gain his own barony, as the first step on his journey for more and more political power, and planning various schemes to not just get his way on this, but lay the groundwork for further advancement. Minor Plot.
      Player: Regtrat
    • The Lion's March (plot thread not up just yet, but the first thread is): On the warfront, Forley Valest is planning an offensive aimed to take Uk'braug territory, and draw the enemy into an open battle. Minor Plot.
      Player: Regtrat


    Keep up with the players of our site! Here are some blurbs from our community members about things going on behind the scenes and away from the keyboard.

    • Rye’s favorite new word is ‘meditarian’
    • AoD finally got to kill Athas
    • Rohan and Malkar safely evacuated in Florida during the hurricane. Rom did not evacuate, but he is also safe.
    • Wit moved to San Francisco
    • Hobro got a new job as a substitute teacher! Congrats!
    • Asterion recently welcomed a new baby boy! Congrats!
    • Hannah and Renegade Vile also welcomed a new baby boy! Congrats!
    • Briza got a new puppy! (Kinda the same, right?)
    • Phoenix got certified as an EMT!
    • Garuda moved to Washington state
    • Rye bought his own place! Congrats!


Thanks for having a read over our newsletter!

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