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[Organization] The Dusk Rose

This lore has been put into the lexicon. Mostly for helping the lore staff keep track.
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[Organization] The Dusk Rose

» by Rye » 7th Nov 2017, 7:40 pm

The Dusk Rose
A thieves guild based in Thun

Caught between day and night,
Between friends and foes alike,
From the dirt the Dusk Roses grow,
Nurtured by the blood's flow

In the great city of Thun, embedded within the Circle of Trade, there are pockets of poverty where the least fortunate denizens gather up in their holes, barely carving out a living, often feeding on a dim light of hope instead of food. It is in these corners of the city where the Dusk Rose grows, risen from the dirt and fed through the dirty hands of beggars and thieves.

The guild offers a chance for these poor souls to leave behind their miserable states, only to fall into yet another trap. They become a part of a new family where helping hands conceal greedy intentions and an icy dagger in the back whenever the opportunity arises. There is no honor among thieves, as they say...

The Dusk Rose is a thieves guild located in the heart of Rugnos, employing a wide array of misfits from street urchins to trained cat burglars who were bought as a child from slavers to serve the guild master's need. The hierarchy shows some variety, the higher up on the chain, the tighter it gets. A dirty beggar at the corner could be a part of the Dusk Rose just as easily as the well-off, clean citizen at the edges of these blocks of poverty... one thing doesn't change ever, though. Every day is a gift and every day could be the last, no matter where you are on the food chain, such are the rules of the underworld.

  • 2737 KD - Sara Rhynn initiates the creation of the guild through her personal agents who would serve as the first leaders. The guild slowly embraces some neighborhoods in Thun and starts its slow but steady expansion
  • ~2747 KD - The expansion of the guild stops as it reaches its current size and the Circle decides to employ a monopoly on all crimes committed on their turfs (anyone who gains any sort of profit on their turf from criminal activities faces the guild's wrath)

Past Actions & Achievements of Importance
    Nothing worthy of note just yet.

Hierarchy and Members
  • The Poor

    Desperation chases many of the wretches into the loving arms of the Dusk Rose. Street urchins, beggars, pickpockets are part of this 'caste', every day is a struggle, but they have an advantage over those who are not part of the guild: they can practice whatever lowly crime they wish to without fear of retribution from the guild and those who share fate with them can expect that they help each other out... usually. On this level, crimes committed against other members of the Poor often go unpunished, as they are too insignificant in the greater scheme of things, they are expendable as another rat takes their place quick enough. At the same time, however, they also serve as the eyes of the guild on the streets.

  • The Punishers

    Make no mistake, these are common thugs who are above the starving masses only by little, however, they do make up the muscle of the guild that one could often see on the streets, standing near corners, watching over the dregs of society, waiting to bash faces in. They are responsible to punish the different transgressions one could commit on the territories of the guild, including any kind of thieving done by those who are not part of it.

  • The Shadows

    Those lucky few who managed to emerge from the filth of the streets. They have an easier life than those dregs who make up the lowest 'caste' of the guild, however their existence is still volatile. Thieves and burglars, they are often given targets and often take payments from their superiors instead of fencing the goods they steal.

  • The Thorns

    There are times when certain people need to learn a lesson. A quite permanent lesson. Those who teach them are practically assassins, though they are rarely trained by the guild itself, most of them came from elsewhere with a skill set that they had already. That doesn't make their role lesser...

  • The Faithful

    Most of the thieves in the guild were once street trash who turned to thievery out of desperation. They can't pick the rules of the game of the underworld, but they did pick the game itself. The same cannot be said about the Faithful. The guild sometimes purchases slaves whom they deem promising, preferably at a young age, conditioning them to be faithful to the guild, training them thoroughly. There are a number of methods to ensure their loyalty and those who prove trustworthy can earn their freedom in the end. They are often used for the most dangerous contract work.

    It's important to mention that since the guild was only founded 17 years ago, there are only a handful of Faithful who have earned their freedom or even reached an adult age. Employing them at this point is not a proven method, training them can be considered an experiment.

  • The Circle

    They are the hands that control the different divisions of the guild, they make sure everyone gets their proper assignments. They also keep an eye out for those who are too ambitious so they could put them in their place. They know well what these enthusiastic upstarts could do... they were one of them once, after all.

  • The Guild Master

    No matter who is leading the guild at any given time... one thing is sure, he or she barely communicates with any of the lesser members of the guild. These master thieves practice their rule through the Circle. They decide what happens with the guild, what kind of jobs they accept. Most of the times at least. The guild master answers only to Sara Rhynn who secretly funds the Dusk Rose. She dictates the direction of the guild, but most of the time trusts the guild master to decide what to do, unless it hurts her interests, of course...

Reputation, Alliances and Affiliations
    The guild only has a reputation in Thun's underworld. Other crime syndicates who know about them typically avoid them, as they don't find it profitable to wage a war against an opponent that has its basis of power in the people of the slums. This is also the reason why authorities have trouble dealing with them, those who are caught are usually the lowest of dregs who don't have a good connection to the rest of the criminals.

List of Allies and Adversaries

Blue indicates a strong alliance
Green indicates mutually profitable arrangements or a one-sided appreciation, more neutral than anything else
Red indicates a heated rivalry

  • The city guards of Thun - For obvious reasons, thieves are not friends with the Law
  • Belladonna - A contractual-based crime syndicate in Thun, there is a truce and light alliance between the two, though it's slightly one-sided in favor of the Dusk Rose

Additional Information

  • The Rules
    • It's all for the coins. Never cut into the guild's profits.
    • You live as a Dusk Rose, you die as a Dusk Rose. Never leave or face the consequences.
    • Aid your fellow Dusk Rose, unless they violate the rules.
    • Be wary of outsiders on our turf. If they want to rob us of what is ours, kill them or assist in killing them.
  • The Malt Falcon

    The so-called 'headquarters' of the guild is a less than illustrious den of scum, to put it simply. It serves as a tavern primarily with all kinds of shady people as guests, most of the time. Everything is cheap here: drinks, prostitutes... and blood.

    Authorities like to avoid the place and outside of the occasional raids of the city guards, there is barely any activity from the forces of law and these raids are extremely rare.

    The ground floor is littered with old furniture, rotting, creaky chairs and tables, the wenches serving clearly saw better days too. Behind the counter there is a collection of cheap liquor on the shelves and a door leading to a storage area. The storage has a hidden trapdoor that leads to a basement only frequented by members of the guild. Even though there are guards around, violence is not rare and they don't necessarily rush to help anyone out. Oftentimes there is no need to intervene if a foreign element enters. If someone doesn't belong here, the frequenters spot him or her quite easily and that doesn't bode well for the brave visitor...

    The upper floor once had rooms where the tired traveler could rest. No one rents them these day, some are used as a place to gamble and play a game of cards, while others are taken by the pimps and the girls they employ. If someone is looking for a place with cheap entertainment, they don't have to go further, though they better be prepared for trouble and a potential disease as the establishment doesn't really value hygiene.

    The basement is the place to go if you are a member of the guild and got something to share. Agents of the Inner Circle reside there, taking in stolen goods and information. People down there don't ask much, they usually keep to themselves and like to remind visitors of the Dusk Rose too that it's better to keep their mouths shut and focus on the business at hand instead. For the sake of safety and health.

    The basement connects to the sewers of the city, hosting a number of illegal activities, slave pens, dog kennels for dog fights. At the end of these tunnels, the eyes and ears of the guild stand guard: simple beggars and bums who get paid to warn people in case unwelcome visitors want to infiltrate the Malt Falcon from below.

    There are rumors circulating that the guild's leader is running the business from the sewers, hiding somewhere behind doors unseen, though no one denied or confirmed this theory yet.

  • The Training Grounds of the Faithful

    Important Note: Controversial theme below (implications of child abuse mainly). This is some heavy stuff. You have been warned. Also, a reminder that if you want a character with such a background, he/she must be at least 18 (for human characters, race equivalent for other races) and no past threads are allowed that focus on the years of training. Since they are rare in the guild, their existence is not known to everyone, thus the information below can be safely skipped.

    The existence of the Faithful is not a well known fact even among the members of the Dusk Rose. They are aware that the guild takes in slaves, purchasing people for whatever reason, but the whys are concealed for most...

    Most of the Faithful are taken as small kids. They are brought in at an early age, typically between five and ten, the sooner the better for the guild. These unfortunate wretches are conditioned from the start to serve the guild, both mentally and physically, they don't have a say about their future at all. Their mentors are rough and show no remorse. Many of them perish during their training... Obviously their name is a mockery as they are not Faithful by choice, still they can earn their freedom one day if they remain true to the guild.

    The training grounds are found below the busy streets of Thun, including the cages too where the Faithful are held. The guild built a training course over the years to test and improve the abilities of these kids. They learn how to climb, how to get through doors and locks the best way possible, how to get past a guard silently, everything their mentors know about stealth. Some receive lessons of a social nature as well, those that have an appearance and talent fit for fooling others either through the art of deceit or seduction.

    The Faithful typically receive their first contract work at the age of fourteen or fifteen. Before they leave the lair, they are injected with a poison that has no detrimental effects in the first few hours, however it would kill them if they lingered around for too long. They must focus on their task and return to the training grounds or risk dying.

    If they do survive, the first contract is not the last one. Depending on their success, they can slowly but surely earn their freedom, typically around the age of twenty. Most of them do show loyalty by that time, ironically there is honor amongst these thieves. Also, due to the time and energy spent to train them, the guild usually takes good care of them and once they have earned their place they can live a comfortable life. This doesn't eliminate the possibility that their next contract could very well be their last...

    The Faithful answer to their mentors, no matter how old or experienced they are. It is the mentor's responsibility to take care of the items they return. As such, the Faithful usually don't have any connection with the dregs that make up the lower 'castes' of the guild, but it is not unheard of that some of them would decide to get acquainted with them.

    Those Faithful who earned their freedom might know about the territory of the guild but will typically choose to avoid those places, including the Malt Falcon, for their own sake and try to integrate into society outside of their duties as best as they could. It is not unusual for them to act as spies and sleeper agents, but most of them continue to do the contract work. They are free to go around and travel around Rugnos as well, that's a privilege they have earned, but when they are available and called upon, they can't and don't refuse. After all, they are called 'Faithful' for a reason...

OOC Notes

  • The guild controls a few selected neighborhoods of the slum areas of Thun. These areas are not specified, so IC they could be avoided easily if someone doesn't want to interact them
  • The guild doesn't have an overwhelming control, they are the absolute rulers on their own turf as far as the underworld is concerned, but they are criminals in the end and should be wary if the Law decides to set its foot there
  • The guild is not too powerful, but they should definitely not be overlooked or easily stomped in the power games of Thun
  • The guild doesn't have a political direction, they are there to make profit, however they generally don't commit crimes that could directly weaken the kingdom
  • When joining the guild, it should be taken into consideration that the guild hunts down and kills those who desert them (obviously they are not almighty and a character could escape them, but the decision shouldn't be made lightly by him/her)
  • The rules can only be a hindrance if someone knows about it, members are almost expected to break them... just don't get caught or face the consequences
  • The guild doesn't have jurisdiction, the people who order a punishment for breaking the rules do it based on the power they possess
  • The aim of the guild is to create a dark, gritty, realistic, down-to-earth crime RP experience
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Re: [Organization] The Dusk Rose

» by Bees » 23rd Feb 2018, 5:01 am

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