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Máthach Family

This lore has been put into the lexicon. Mostly for helping the lore staff keep track.
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Máthach Family

» by marzi » 3rd Jan 2018, 2:06 am

House Máthach

We are the mountain

Claiming to be of blood older than Rugnos, the Máthach family has always been somewhat apart from their political peers. Being valari, they have strong ties to the Kalimasj Isles, despite their long distance from each other. With few Rugnosant nobles being valari, let alone those of which the house could produce viable heirs with, the Máthach family frequently sought political marriages from Kalimasj clans. In current times, those old alliances have waned, and new ones seem to be forging in Borys.

Craftsmen intent on seeing their home remain theirs, they have not sought to expand their influence, but rather maintain what they have. As valari they held their own custom regarding the roles of gender, and women have held the position of head of the house many times, often to the disgruntlement of other nearby counts. Considered callous and aloof to outsiders, the house has shown a strong dedication to those who swear loyalty to them.


    894 KD - Valari clans travel up the broan chain from the lowlands, consisting mainly of lynxes, mountain lions, and bob cats.
    1089 KD - When Borys began receding from Morinmor, several clans leave with them across the strait to settle in the mountains farther north. Those that remain continue to ignore the human conflict and fight among themselves.
    1200 KD - Rugnos control of Morinmor is complete, and the remaining valari clans in the mountains band together against the humans.
    1234 KD - Unable to drive the valari out of their foothold in the mountains, and determined to have some control of the mines there, Rugnos negotiates. Gabor Máthach is given title and allowed to speak on politics, a fact which is not taken well by human lords in the region.
    1242 KD - Gabor's son defends a coastal human settlement from attack by Borysian raiders, and the Máthach's claim control of lands outside the mountain range.
    1243 KD - Afraid of continued valari expansion, the surrounding human lords band together to defend their borders. When no attack comes, they move to strike against the valari first, but most of their forces get stalled trying to cross the mountains.
    1244 KD - Sustained assaults at the mountain passed to the north and to the east, as well as raids along the coast force the valari clans back into the mountains.
    1246 KD - In response to the assault against them, Máthach and the clans have stopped trade with Rugnos and killed any of their miners working in the mountains. The loss of resources motivates higher Rugnosant authority to step in and force the local lords back into their own holdings.
    1302 KD - Máthachs send their fighters to the foothills and open plains near the mountains to keep the human settlements safe from criminals and wild animals, easing old tensions and earning their respect and trade.
    1323 KD - The Rugnosant attempt to take over the Kalmiasj Isles flares old hatred between the human nobles and the valari though those under Máthach protection do not succumb to the prejudice.
    1325 KD - Young Rugnosant lordlings take a caravan of Nordell merchants hostage, and are subsequently slaughtered on Helmina Máthach's orders. Demanding reconciliation for their deaths, their families send a small force into Dead River Pass, where they are stopped by human bannermen.
    1463 KD - Ona Máthach has fourteen children, and many fear an inheritance crisis. Many of the children simply leave to form their own smaller clans in the mountains. Several siblings even vow to protect whoever is chosen as successor, becoming the first Steel Fangs, the personal guard to the house. Ona's youngest, Hama, is chosen successor, much to the confusion of the surrounding humans who bargained on the eldest son taking command.
    1512 KD - Desmond Máthach marries a human from the region.
    1540 KD - With no heirs due to his marriage outside valari blood, Desmond's niece is named inheritor.
    1934 KD - Rugnos becomes kingdom again, and Morinmor's acting Duke takes an interest in securing the loyalty of his counts. He makes diplomatic overtures to the Máthach family.
    1936 KD - The borders or Nordell county are officially drawn and the Count title for the Máthach line is publicly endorsed by the Duke of Morinmor, despite outcry from other counts.
    2024 KD - In an attempt to align themselves more with the human court and way of thinking, the Máthach's begin to only marry those of 'noble' birth. Due to the limited number of valari in Rugnos who hold title and land, the Máthach's begin to marry their own cousins.
    2253 KD - Generations of inbreeding culminate in Kensor The Mad, who announces to the world his plans to marry his son and daughter together.
    2258 KD - Kensor dies, his son and daughter only seven and four at the time. The circumstances surrounding his death are not investigated, and the head of the Steel Fangs, Adair, steps in as regent until they come of age.
    2259 KD - Adair relocates the children to Sky Iron Keep, making it the first time it officially houses the noble family.
    2269 KD - Despite Kensor's son being of age, Adair does not step down, and many suspect he intends to marry the former count's daughter once she is older.
    2271 KD - Adair successfully negotiates a marriage between nobles from Kalimisaj and his young charge, finally stepping down as reagent once the marriage takes place. Marriages between the noble house and nobles from the Isles become commonplace after this.
    2272 KD - Kesnor's daughter, Lara, joins the Steel Fangs, bringing Máthach blood back into the fighting unit.
    2285 KD - Adair, an old man, is publicly executed by Lara for the murder of her father twenty-seven years prior.
    2627 KD - The Culling sweeps across the world. Mages and suspected mages flee to Borys, finding help in the crossing from the Máthach family
    2742 KD - During the Spellwar Count Leopold Máthach is deemed responsible for the senseless slaughter of elven civilians, and is branded The Butcher of Zeraselda, beginning a partially self-imposed exile by the house from most Rugnos politics

Past Actions & Achievements of Importance

    1464 - The formation of the Steel Fangs
    1936 - Máthach family officially becomes counts of Rugnos

Hierarchy and Members

  • Count Leopold Máthach
    The current count of Nordell and leader of the house
  • Oliver Máthach (NPC)
    Eldest Son
    Despite a poor relationship with his father, he is still set to inherit the title of count and all its holdings
  • Aduna Neztharune (NPC)
    Wife of Leopold
    Due to her return to the Isles and her long estrangement from her husband, few still think of her as countess

Reputation, Alliances and Affiliations

    Respected by the people who swear fealty to them, often overlooked by those outside their borders.

List of Allies and Adversaries

Blue indicates a strong alliance
Green indicates mutually profitable arrangements or a one-sided appreciation, more neutral than anything else
Red indicates a heated rivalry

  • Kalimasj and its noble families were traditionally a steadfast friend to the house, but the current count's disastrous marriage to one of their nobles has cooled their relationship, and only their long history of camaraderie has kept things from becoming hostile
  • Borys has become a strong trade partner, and the current count's continued political overtures have not gone unnoticed.
  • Tarnossia and its elves had no problem with the house until the Spellwar, where the current count was responsible for the slaughter of many elven civilians, making him a despised figure among their upper and lower ranks.
  • Occasionally found in tunnels or when mines run deep, Deep Dwarves and the house have generally kept each other happy by staying at a distance.
  • Drow occasionally spill up from the depths of the mountains, and the encounters are always hostile.

Additional Information

    House Colors: Brown and Blue
    House Motto: We Are the Mountain

    Ancestral Home:

    Sky Iron Castle

    In 2203 KD, miners sent to survey the land found an unusually abundant ore vein on the surface of the mountains, requiring little to no tunneling. It was called 'sky iron' as a result, and though the top vein was quickly mined out and tunneling followed, the name stuck. During the time of the rich veins exposure, the foundations of what would become Sky Iron Castle were built to protect the precious find, never losing the name despite the short lived phenomenon.

    The castle became something of an ancestral home for the Máthach line, though its location made it a poor place to hold court, and very little politics were ever conducted there. With many in the family mountaineers and craftsman, the castle has had many strange additions to it over the years, making it something of a curiosity.

OOC Notes
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Re: Máthach Family

» by Bees » 20th Feb 2018, 4:03 am

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