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[Rugnos] County of Stormfall - WIP

For lore that is based around your character(s), such as family history, regional descriptions of their home or homeland, please post your lore submissions here for evaluation.
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[Rugnos] County of Stormfall - WIP

» by Malon » 11th Oct 2017, 7:35 pm

The seat of House Sunfyre

Stormfall is a Rugnosant island which lies west of Cinderports in the Sea of Asten and is the smallest of two islands in the Dutchy of Leaden Downs. The island is rugged—covered by mountains, hills, ravines, and forests—but supports three small towns and the Sunset Keep: the seat of House Sunfyre, who rule the island. The island earned its name for its stormy weather and foreboding appearance to outsiders. Despite this unsettling outward appearance, the island sports a beautiful vale, lying north of Roystonville, called "the Elysium." Natives of the island are known as "stormborn" and the Counts and Countesses who rule it are often referred to as "Storm Kings" (or "Storm Queens"); though, with the rise of House Sunfyre in recent years, the term "the Sunset Queen," has become popularized both for the name of the Keep and the words of House Sunfyre. Nobles in general on Stormfall are referred to as "storm lords."

Basic Information
  • Population: Medium: The smallfolk of Stormfall are mostly fisherman and miners, as the soil on the island is not the best for farming. The majority of the population is focused in Stormport, the capital city of the island and its main port. Roystonville, the seat of the lesser House Royston, is the second largest settlement due to its proximity to the Sunset Keep. Craggstown is the main hub of mining on Stormfall, but its population is by far the smallest.

  • Religion: The Elder Gods are worshiped on Stormfall.

  • Trade: Because of a lack of farming on the island, goods that would traditionally be produced on farms are imported from the mainland. Fish and other seafood delicacies are exported in exchange. Additionally, the island boasts large reserves of iron ore in its mountainous regions, which is then turned into steel, producing weapons, tools, and armor for the Rugnosant military and other wealthy buyers. The abundance of iron ore and the subsequent trade of iron-based products have made the noble houses of Stormfall sufficiently wealthy.

  • Defences: The island is protected by the Sunset Fleet: a small naval force of about fifteen (15) to twenty (20) ships spread out to patrol the waters around the island's costal settlements. The majority of this protection is focused around the Sunset Keep. House Sunfyre employs a guard consisting of smallfolk and the smaller House Royston, who keep the peace in each of the island's settlements (particularly Stormport). The terrain and weather of Stormfall act as sort of a natural defense; the island is densely forested and mountainous, making it hard for an invading army to transverse. The constant storms that plague the island also make it difficult for those not used to the terrain to move from place to place. The shore, particularly around the Sunset Keep is rocky, the sea choppy, forcing an invading force to choose the mouths of the island's two rivers as staging points for their invasions—this allows for Sunfyre forces to set traps accordingly. The defense(s) of the Sunset Keep are detailed below.
    The storm lords of Stormfall have been historically loyal to the throne of Rugnos. This continued even once House Sunfyre took the county. The island's iron mines are turned into steel, which are then forged into weapons and armor, and are traded to the Kingdom in exchange for farm products and other exotic goods. However, following the recent deaths of the High King and Queen of Rugnos, and the chaos in the realm, House Sunfyre is in active pursuit of the throne in Rugnos. In this pursuit, Stormfall is seeking diplomatic unity with certain elements of dragonkind and the other Houses of Rugnos, to support House Sunfyre's claim to the throne. Despite this, the official position of the county of Stormfall is that it remains loyal to the crown.

    Internally, House Sunfyre is the ruling noble house of Stormfall. House Royston is a smaller noble house living in Roystonville. House Royston are currently the only lords bannermen of House Sunfyre, having bent the knee to their liege lords in the early days of the greater noble house. The smallfolk of the entire island owe their allegiance primarily to House Sunfyre; however, the smallfolk of Roystonville are overseen by House Royston (though they still defer to House Sunfyre where conflicts arrive).
Places/People of Importance
  • ALYSANNE SUNFYRE, Countess of Stormfall, Protector of the Elysium, Lady of the Sunset Keep, and Head of House Sunfyre.
  • SER EDWIN ROYSTON, master-at-arms of the Sunset Keep, captain of Lady Alysanne's household guard, Head of House Royston.
  • CRAGGSTOWN — A mining village on the southwestern shore of the island. The River Stormfork is to the west of the village; the Elys Mountains and the Elysium lie to the north; to the east is an unnamed forest covering the southern portion of the island.
  • THE ELYSIUM — The Elysium is the name of a vale north of Roystonville and the Sunset Keep. It is so-named for its natural beauty; it is framed by the Elys Mountains and split by the River Royston. Few live in the Elysium, but it is a location teeming with wildlife for hunting. Because of its great beauty, the Elysium is under the protection of the ruling house of Stormfall—currently House Sunfyre. The Count or Countess of Stormfall often uses the title "Protector of the Elysium" to denote this commitment to the protection of the vale.
  • ROYSTONVILLE — Roystonville is the seat of House Royston and lies on the western shore of the island. It is the second largest settlement on the island.
  • SHIVERING WOODS — The Shivering Woods are a dense forest south of Stormport on the eastern shore of the island. Rumors claim the woods are haunted by wraiths and all other manner of ghosts; however, these rumors are unsubstantiated and likely the product local superstition and folklore.
  • STORMPORT — Stormport is the major port city of Stormfall. The city lies on the northeastern shore of the island in the shadow of the Elys Mountains; to its south lies the Shivering Woods. The population of the city sits at around five thousand (5000) and is the center of commerce on the island.
  • SUNSET KEEP — See below.
Other Information
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