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Helen Degan

A Non-Player Character (NPC) is a minor character that you either want to share with other players or are characters that are supplemental to the development of your story but are not someone you want to actively roleplay as a fully developed player character.
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Helen Degan
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Helen Degan

» by Helen Degan » 27th Jul 2017, 10:24 pm

Helen Degan
a private NPC character created by Marjorie


Name: Helen Degan
Race: Human
Age: 18
Gender: F
Alignment: NG
Deity: The Elder Gods

Place of Birth: Valeska, Mornimor, Rugnos
Current Residence: Valeska, Mornimor, Rugnos
Affiliations: Ducal house of Degan, Valeska, Mornimor,Rugnos

Reputation: 3 – As Natalia’s sister, Helen is next in line to inherit the title of Duchess of Mornimor should anything happen to her sister.
Primary Profession: Noble

  • NPC SKILLS •  
Areas of Expertise:
  • Rugnosanti ******
  • Elvish ******
  • Common ******
  • Rugnosanti ******
    Elvish ******
    Common ******
  • Court edicite ******
  • Charm ******
  • Dancing ******
  • Math ******
    Science ******
  • Knowledge (history) ******
  • Knowledge (politics) *****
  • Sewing ******
  • Floral arrangement ******
  • Decorating ******
  • Hostess ******
  • Sidesaddle riding ******
  • Flute ******
  • Recorder ******
  • Singing ******
  • Harp ******
  • Lute******
  • Painting ******
Tidetouched? No.

Complexion: Fair
Height: 5’4”
Build: slender
Eye Color: green
Hair Color: blonde
Distinguishing Features: n/a

Description: Helen is average height and build for a Human of her age. She had graceful delicate features, and like Natalia was graced with her mother’s blonde locks and her father’s green eyes.

Helen is the picture of the ideal noblewoman - sweet, innocent, charming, demure, and obedient – all the thigs that her sister is not. The girl dreams of the day her prince will ride up on a white horse and carry her away. For her the idea of a perfect life is to be the wife of a good man who will take care of her, and a mother to her children. Helen can be, sometimes, incredibly naive, but her innocence comes off more as sweetness than true ignorance.

Not having grown up under the pressures of one day ruling the Duchy of Mornimor, and having never been wild or stubborn as her sister was, Helen was allowed to pressure studies that interested her. She has an artist’s eye, a lovely singing voice, and a talent for instruments. She loves music weather she is making it or dancing to it, and she excels at both.

Helen was born five years after her sister Natalia. Natalia and her sister are affectionate but not overly close due to their great differences in personality, and the fact that Helen thinks her sister should act more a lady, while Natalia thinks her sister should wake up and see the reality of the world.

Much of Helen’s childhood was spent at study or play. Sense she upheld the ideals of a noblewoman so naturally, she was also not so closely looked after as her elder sister, and she was allowed more leeway to pursue the things she love most, music being chief among them.

Helen has been sought after for marriage for a few years now, but with the recent death of her father, even more suitors have approach her, in an attempt to offer her security for her future. Some of these suir ulterior motives of trying to use a possible marriage to Hellen as a go around to usurp Natalai’s Ducal power.

Status: Active.

History & Development:
  • Will list as current events happen.

Type of NPC: Private; you must ask the creator for permission to use this character! Connected To: Natalia Degan
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Re: Helen Degan

» by Rye » 14th Nov 2017, 7:19 am

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