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Escaped but not free [P, Lucy] [Null]

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Doven Relantier
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Escaped but not free [P, Lucy] [Null]

» by Doven Relantier » 6th Jul 2017, 7:40 pm

Doven was huddled up in the door way of a shop that hadn't opened yet. His sleep was uneasy, his body jerking as he slept...

"Atar!" he hear the screams of his children, "n'uma uma il- sana lye let lye auta!"

Doven was reaching for them but he was bound, taken before he could get to his children. His wrists were bound tight behind his back and then the rope had been looked round his neck. There was a man at his back holding him fast, even though Doven stretched the rope taught, strangling himself in his effort to get to his children. "You have me, let them go - they've done nothing!"

The man at Doven's back kicked the back of his knee, sending him into the dirt as his children were hauled off, and locked in a separate cart from him.

"NOO! Uma il- sana sen, saesa!" Doven's cry startled him awake and he was on his feet, and running toward the other cart before he realized he was awake and it had been a dream. There were still rope burns, raw around his neck and wrists. It was just as he was realizing it had been a dream that he ran face first into solid mass of leather and steel. A guard, no, he moved backward so fast that he tripped over his feet and landed in the dirt.

Atar! :: Father!

N'uma uma il- sana lye let lye auta! :: Don't take up, let us go!

Uma il- sana sen, saesa! :: Do not take them, please!

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Re: Escaped but not free [P, Lucy]

» by Phoenix » 6th Dec 2017, 1:56 am

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