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» by Sentinel » 14th Mar 2018, 6:00 pm

a player character created by marzi

  • Character Information •  
Name: - Sentinel
Race: - Hthar
Age: - 84
Gender: - They/Neutral
Alignment: - Lawful Neutral
Deity: - Bamot

  • Character Lifestyle •  
Place of Birth: - Korta
Current Residence: - Thun
Affiliations: - N/A

Reputation: None.
Primary Profession: - Watcher
Secondary Profession: - Scholar

  • Character Skills & Abilities •  
Areas of Expertise:

  • Common (Fluent, Literate)
  • Hthari (Fluent, Literate)
  • Elvish (Fluent, Literate)
  • Kalimasj (Fluent, Literate)
  • Saurian (Fluent, Literate)
  • Borysian (Fluent, Literate)
  • Polearms (Mastered)
  • Archery (Talented)
  • History
  • Theology
  • Politics

Tidetouched? No.

  • Character Appearance •  
Complexion: - Gray, veined with gold/brown
Height: - 5'10
Build: - Lithe
Eye Color: - Amber
Hair Color: - Gold
Distinguishing Features: - While hard to see, delicate etchings have been carved along their 'skin' in whirling patterns; some of the more notable sculpture to their face mimics the appearance of a helmet; they have a detachable comb like piece with trailing golden cloth which can be fitted to a protrusion on their head and give the illusion of hair
Description: - Particular attention was given to making Sentinel appear human, making it all the more uncanny to look at them due to how inhuman they are. Said to be molded from platinum, Sentinel's unusually large size (for hthar) make many speculate they were simply plated in it. In truth, like all hthari, they were carved from stone. The golden light, most notably visible near their shoulders, is the light of their hearstone. The light is a barely visible glow in many other parts of their body, which is what causes many to believe they are carved from something other.


  • Character Background •  
Made with a purpose, Sentinel was always aware they were meant to watch over others. While many would consider that a stationary task, Sentinel was determined to watch over all the world. They began their task in Korta, then traveled to Oruon, then Talam, and then Hellisdarl. They spent their first years in each place researching the culture, history, and their practices before emerging from their study to oversee the actual populations. Viewed with some curiosity, Sentinel was generally forgotten by those they surrounded themself with due to their highly passive nature. Yet for all their patience and lack of aggression, martial studies have been important to several of the cultures they have encounter, so they have learned to defend themself. The road has also not always been kind to an alien traveler.

After nearly two decades in each locale, Sentinel has come to Thun to begin the next stage of their journey.

  • Out of Character •  
Player: marzi
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Re: Sentinel

» by Hannah » 28th Mar 2018, 6:04 am







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