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Hadrian Diodore

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Hadrian Diodore
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Hadrian Diodore

» by Hadrian Diodore » 1st Oct 2015, 5:10 pm

Hadrian Diodore
a player character created by Marjorie


  • Character Information •  
Name: – Hadrian Diodore
Race: – ½ Erodian, ½ Human
Age: - 29
Gender: - M
Alignment: - CG
Deity: – The Gods – if they’re even real – have never done a thing for me

  • Character Lifestyle •  
Place of Birth: - Rugnos
Current Residence: – Wondering Borys
Affiliations: – none

Reputation: None.
Primary Profession: – slacker
Secondary Profession: – deserter

  • Character Skills & Abilities •  
Areas of Expertise:
  • Languages -
    Common ******
    Rugnosant ******
    Elven ******
    Dwarven ******
    Borysian ******
    Saurian ******
  • Literacy –
    Common *******
    Rugnosant *******
    Elven ******
    Dwarven ******
    Borysian ******
    Saurian ******
  • Swordsmanship ******
  • Archery ******
  • Dueling ******
  • Horsemanship ******
  • Politics *******
  • Knowledge of Mathematics/Science ******
  • Hawking ******
  • Formal Dance in the Rungonosant style ******
Tidetouched? No.


  • Character Appearance •  
Complexion: - fair skinned, but tanned from spending time outside
Height: -6’2”
Build: – 174lbs
Eye Color: – grey blue
Hair Color: – brown
Distinguishing Features: – Erodian rune marks
Play-By: – Dan Murphy
Description: – Hadrian is tall for being half Eroidian, but only a little taller than the average human male. He’s well built and muscular. The color of his eyes is an unusual, almost slate blue-grey and often make his gaze seem more intense than it otherwise would be.

Like all people of Erodian decent, Hadrian has runemarks that appear and spread out on his skin. They started between his shoulders when he was first born, and spread out from there, now covering most of his shoulders and back, and they are slowly creeping toward his hips, stomach, neck, and chest.

  • Character Background •  
Hadrian grew up the fourth of five children of Lord Tristen Diodore, and his Lady wife Helena (Brodan), and third son of an opulent family… as such he never expected to inherit much, but also because of this… not much was ever expected of him. He received an excellent education and was left with much leisure time to peruse… whatever thing caught his fancy at the moment.

He enjoys balls and galas, and loves good wine, and dancing, but though he’s certainly a fetching young bachelor, he’s never been very interested in women; much to the dismay of many a lady at court.

When he was a boy, Hadrian was very close to his mother. He is fond of her still, though she's much quieter these days and less active about the house and court in general... a tiredness seems to cling to her, and it saddens him a little. He hand his father have never been on the best of terms - his father thinks him a bit too soft, too kind, and too lazy to be dignified enough to carry his name.

When the King’s order of Lamina Tributum passed over the lands of Rugnos, it was apparent that his parents didn’t intend to pay to keep all of their sons out of the war. Their daughters, currently, to keep them safe, and Hadrian’s oldest brother also – because he was needed for matters of state, but Hadrian and his other brother would have to adjust to the life of a solder. The idea of being a soldier – even an officer – in the King’s army didn’t sit well with him though. Hadrian had serpent all his life in slothful luxury… and had no intention of fighting a mad man’s war… so one night he packed his things and left home. To avoide all traces of the war, he took a ship all the way around to Borys.

Hadrian has just recently landed in Borys, and he’s still very much getting used to the idea that he is no one to most everyone – he does have a fairly heavy purse though – and that tends to make all things easier.

  • Out of Character •  
Player:Marjorie Marjorie
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Re: Hadrian Diodore

» by Crow » 2nd Oct 2015, 12:39 am

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