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» by Vrrysst » 12th Jan 2018, 12:54 pm

a player character created by TRASH

  • Character Information •  
Name: - Vrrysst
Race: - Salaa
Age: - 26
Gender: - Male
Alignment: - Chaotic Neutral
Deity: -The Dragon Lords

  • Character Lifestyle •  
Place of Birth: - Hazgl Marshes
Current Residence: - Borys
Affiliations: - N/A

Reputation: None.
Primary Profession: - Spearman
Secondary Profession: - Mage

  • Character Skills & Abilities •  
Areas of Expertise:
  • Languages - Common (Fluent), Salaa`maam (Expert)
  • Literacy - Common (Average), Dwarfish (Average), Elven (Average)
  • Martial Arts - Polearms (Expert), Wrestling (Advanced), Primal Fighting (Expert)
  • Profession - Acrobatics (Talented), Swimming (Expert), Fishing (Expert), Persuasion (Talented), Intimidation (Advanced), Tracking (Talented), Mercantile (Talented), Magecraft (Expert)
Tidetouched? Yes.
  • Magemarked? No.
  • School of Magic: Elementalism [Pyrokinesis]
Current Extent of Ability: Vrrysst is an expert of his school of magic basis on two rather simple things. One, the incredibly simple trio of spells he uses and Two, the length of time in which he has spent practicing the medium in which they are cast. His three spells are all basis on inspiration of the Dragons, relying most heavily on exhaling flame in some manner or another.

  • Character Appearance •  
Complexion: - Dark but pure, no blemishes or splotches. Scales are crimson red in coloration.
Height: - 6'8
Build: - Large and powerful. Broad shoulders with long, defined limbs. Rippled with lean muscle.
Eye Color: - Amber
Hair Color: - N/A
Distinguishing Features: - Vibrant, exceptionally colorful scales of a brilliant red sheen. Massively tall for a male of his species and possesses a very long and expressive tail.
Description: - Vrrysst is defined by his very appearance; massively tall for a male of his species and distinguished by his incredibly colorful scales. His tail is almost as long as he is tall, thick at the base and slimming down as extends to the tip. A double axe-head is worn just above the tip of his tail and allows the dexterous appendage to be used as a weapon and tool.

Fit and aware, Vrrysst is a constant pool rippled by musculature just under the surface, every movement sinuous and balanced. Amber eyes are unmarred by affliction of any sort, giving both a sense of primal fear via association to reptilian hunters and intrigue by their slit pupils.

  • Character Background •  
The single spawn of his pod, Vrrysst grew up a free Salaa. Beloved by his parents, distinguished by his scales and praised for his physique- Vrrysst naturally took to the warrior arts and displayed a talent for combat and resource gathering. His charming personality and natural charisma granted him many friends among the other children and it seemed as if the boy was truly blessed. To heap but more upon the boy, his abilities with magic were suddenly revealed when almost comically, he burped a blast of fire during meal time. While both his parents lacked the magical gifts, the young Salaa's grandfather had been a mage and the gift had skipped a generation to him.

Lacking formal education, Vrrysst instead took to practicing his abilities in a manner most interesting to him- replication and admiration of the Dragons (born of the belief that the Dragons are distant relatives to the Salaa). Focused entirely upon breathing and exhalation of his flames, Vrrysst has only ever had three 'spells', or breaths, to utilize and thus over the many years of use in these three simple spells- he has achieved near mastery of them and only them.

As with any boy of almost any race, eventually the call to adventuring became too strong and the talented Salaa decided to strike out into the World to find his place, or at least his purpose.

First of his travels brought him to the Kingdom of Sauria and with that, a very important lesson was learned- magic was not regarded well outside his ancestral home and village...and killing another person was something that stayed with you.

During his very first altercation over a simple misunderstanding, the Salaa was forced to draw arms and engaged in combat with a riled swordsman. During the course of the fight, Vrrysst hissed under his breath and inhaled deeply- letting out a sudden exhalation of flame into the sky to intimidate the other and stop their dispute. Instead of scaring the swordsman, this seemed to enrage and embolden even the bystanders and the Salaa was suddenly beset on all sides with hostility. In a panic, he loosed this flame onto the crowd and fled- felling two strangers and evading the rest.

With the fear of his personage being recognized or spread, he fled North to the Kingdom of Rugnos where he was yet again taught a lesson; Salaa were not freefolk everywhere.

He was spit on, cursed by even children and refused most service by a widespread of people. It was only fellow Salaa who revealed the underbelly of the Kingdom to him and helped him survive his travels there. Unluckily, he was thought a slave and shackled during an outing and for the next two years, he toiled physically under a master as a lesser species.

Unwilling to stay this way, Vrrysst quietly boded his time and learned the language of the Salaa slaves, using this to communicate without fear of the masters hearing. When he had gathered enough support, the young man slew his oppressor and fled with his brethren from the Kingdom- having been lucky to be educated by his fellows in not using his magic lest he be branded and thus tracked.

Currently, Vrrysst works as a liberator and abhors slavery- taking residence in Borys (as it's an unlikely place for a Salaa to live) and making excursions into Rugnos to free his fellows while keeping his magic and existence as much of a secret as he can.

  • Out of Character •  
Player: TRASH
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Re: Vrrysst

» by Rye » 13th Jan 2018, 5:09 pm


Sup there, nice application, however, we would require that you give more information regarding Vrrysst's magic. Please check out the Magic Handbook, the "What Do We Expect To See In Your Tidetouched Character Application?" part of it.

Please pm or tag me either here or on discord once you are done with adding the required info to your application or if you got questions!
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