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Ailidh Devin

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Ailidh Devin
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Ailidh Devin

» by Ailidh Devin » 16th Apr 2017, 12:43 pm

Ailidh Devin
a player character created by Marjorie


  • Character Information •  
Name: – Ailidh Devin :: “kind servant”
Race: – Tiefling
Age: - 25
Gender: - F
Alignment: - NG
Deity: – Chiefly – Taneth, God of Life; Elenas Asaar of healing; Ceva, Asaar of Love; Thonep, Arzul of Creation; Cinnobala, Arzul of Fertility – in general follows the faith of the Elder Gods

  • Character Lifestyle •  
Place of Birth: – Unknown
Current Residence: – A little known monastery dedicated to following the tenets of Elenas and Ceva, and the general warship of Taneth buried in the Anari forest
Affiliations: – The temple of Assar Elenas and Ceva

Reputation: None.
Primary Profession: – Healer

  • Character Skills & Abilities •  
Areas of Expertise:
    Languages Spoken –
  • Common *******
  • Elven ******
  • Rugnosanti ******
    Literacy –
  • Common ******
  • Elvish ******
  • Rugnosanti ******
    Healing Arts –
  • Knowledge (medicinal herbs) ******
  • Knowledge (anatomy) ******
  • Knowledge (surgery/physical wound repair) ******
  • Knowledge (illnesses) ******
  • Knowledge (midwifery) ******
    Other Knowledge –
  • Knowledge (religion of Taneth, His Assar and Arzul) ******
  • Knowledge (religion of the Elder Gods) ******
  • Knowledge (Anari Forest) ******
    Marital abilities –
  • All bladed weapons ******
  • Brawling ******
  • Hand to hand ******
  • Archery ******
  • Staff ******
  • Strength ******
  • Agility ******
    Other –
  • Foraging ******
  • Move silently ******
  • Horsemanship ******
  • Sewing, mending and making clothes ******
Tidetouched? Yes
  • Magemarked? No.
  • School of Magic: Restoration
Current Extent of Ability:
  • Ailidh is skilled in healing wounds, healing the sick, purifying water, and restoring the weary.
  • Illness, injury, and levels of exhaustion are divided into Major, moderate, minor. 1 major =3 moderate; 1 moderate = 3 minor; water for purification is broken down by volume a pitcher, bowl, bucket = minor, bathtub amount = moderate; major = 3Xs the volume of a bath tub.
  • 1) Healing 2 or less wounds/illnesses/etc. in ONE day will use minor to moderate amounts of energy and not cause any lasting tiredness.
  • 2) She can heal three major wounds/illnesses/etc. and any breakdown of moderate and minor wounds/illnesses/etc. in ONE day and she will feel tired, but not overly so, and will not need more than a good night’s sleep to fully recover.
  • 3) She can safely heal up to 4 to major wounds/illnesses/etc. in ONE day and she will be left severely exhausted, and require immediate rest or suffer from physical/mental effects similar to moderate sleep deprivation until she does get the equivalent of a good night’s sleep.
  • 4) If she heals more than the equivalent of 4 and up to 5 major wounds/illnesses/etc. she has a 50% chance passing out immediately upon completion of the spell.[/u] If she does not pass out she will suffer mental/physical effects of sleep deprivation and will pass out w/in 2 hours. Once unconscious there is a 50% chance she remains so for 4 hours and is unable to be awaken during that time. The following day she will remain tired, with mild physical/mental effects of sleep deprivation. If she gets a good night’s sleep the first day after she will be fully recovered by the 2nd day after.
  • 5) Attempting to cast more than 5 major spells in a day could stretch the limits of her abilities and kill her - she doesn’t actually know this, but she is aware that the more she uses her magic the weaker she becomes.

  • Character Appearance •  
Complexion: – clear skin, greenish-brown color
Height: – 5’10”
Build: – average
Eye Color: – green
Hair Color: – moss green
Distinguishing Features: – tefling features, horns, strange facial features, down turned goat-like ears, greenish-brown coloration to her skin and a mossy color to her hair, her eyes are the deepest shade of emerald; she striking to behold, and not just for the permanence of her horned brow.
Description: – Ailidh is beautiful, with clear skin and striking features, and a feminine softness to her face; she is tall, but of average build. She moves easily threw the forest as it has always been her home. She is stronger than she looks, lending her natural strength and agility to her trifling heritage.

  • Character Background •  
Ailidh never knew her mother. Her mother was an Elven woman who left her home and wound up in Thun. She fell on hard times and became a prostitute. Not knowing who the father was, and terrified of what the closeminded Rugnosants would do to her child – and honestly scared of and not just for her child, her mother returned to her homelands, in Anari and left her with the monks of a small and little known monastery dedicated to the teachings of Assar Elenas and Ceva – healing and love in hopes that here she would be safe and cared for. Her mother left and never returned.

Ailidh Devin was named by the monks, he name means “kind servant” and she was raised in the tradition of the monks to exude unconditional love and compassion and to serve in Tanath’s name. She was educated by the monks in reading and writing as well as in the healing arts.

When Ailidh turned ten years old she came into the tide. Luckily, Taneth is kind to mages who use their abilities for good, and the monks did not judge her for her abilities but sheltered her from the dangers of being a mage in Rugnos. An old woman there, the oldest of the monks at that time, took her for her student, for she was a restoration mage as well and with Rulinda’s guidance, she learned to master this talent.

Ailida has only just left the confines of the little monastery that she’s called home all her life and ventured beyond the green borders of Anari for the first time. She wants to know the world, to be a part of it, what’s more she wants to put her knowledge to use and help whoever she might be able to.

  • Out of Character •  
Player: Marjorie
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Re: Ailidh Devin

» by Crow » 29th Apr 2017, 7:30 am

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