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Leontes Hart

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Leontes Hart

» by Leontes » 10th Oct 2017, 7:49 pm

Leontes Charles Hart
a player character created by S T A R K
They told me to never blindly follow a leader. What they don't understand, is that I've had my eyes open and on her, from the beginning.
Character Basics

Name: Leontes Charles Hart
Goes by: Leo, Charley, Guard Heart
Race: Human
Age: 31
Gender: Male
Alignment: Lawfully Good
Deity: Elder Gods
Birthplace: Foxwynne
Current Residence: Stormfall
Affiliations: House Sunfyre
Reputation: N/A
Primary Profession: Guard
Secondary Profession: Hunter
Abilities & Skills
Leontes is not tidetouched.
  • Common ✘✘✘✘✘
  • Rugnosian ✘✘✘✘
  • Borysian ✘✘✘
  • Saurian ✘✘
  • Elvin ✘✘
  • Common ✘✘✘✘✘
  • Rugnosian ✘✘✘
  • Borysian ✘✘✘✘
  • Common ✘✘✘✘✘
  • Rugnosian ✘✘✘✘✘
  • Borysian ✘✘✘✘✘
  • Saurian ✘✘✘
  • Elvin ✘✘✘
  • Hand to Hand ✘✘✘✘✘
  • Unarmed Combat ✘✘✘✘
  • Melee ✘✘✘
  • Disarming ✘✘
  • Weapons ✘✘✘✘
    • Long Sword ✘✘✘✘✘
    • Two handed blades ✘✘✘
    • Crossbow ✘✘
    • Bow & Arrow ✘✘
    • Spear ✘✘✘
    • Shield Combat ✘✘✘
  • Horse Combat ✘✘✘
  • Long Sword Advanced ✘✘✘✘
  • Parkour Combat ✘✘✘
  • Movement while in combat ✘✘✘
  • Mythology & Legend ✘✘✘
  • World Lore ✘✘✘
  • Religion ✘✘
  • Navigation ✘✘✘✘
  • Law(s) ✘✘✘✘✘
  • Charisma ✘✘✘✘✘
  • Diplomacy ✘✘✘✘
  • Persuasion ✘✘✘
  • Deception ✘✘
  • Loyalty ✘✘✘✘✘

Skilled in the art of combat, Leo from a young age found a knack for the long sword. Able to yield it like it is a part of his arm, the man can cut down the strongest of enemies. He attributes this to his raising in the ranks of his small towns guardsman. Along with his agile movements and quick thinking, the human man is a formidable opponent to any that challenges him.

Gifted to him by the Captain of the city guard
Leo's personal armor that was crafted by his father
His mother's horse that he adopted after her passing

Appearance & Personality
Complexion: Tanned
Height: 6' 5"
Body Type: Built, Toned, Athletic
Eye Color: Sky Blue
Hair Color: Dark Brown
Face-Claim: Liam Hemsworth
Description: Leo grew up the ugly duckling, he had the most awkward shape head that everyone made fun of him for. It wasn't until he grew to be an adult, that he sprouted what his mother likes to call, handsome wings. With shimmering blue eyes and ash brown hair, Leo is as good looking as it gets. However, as if oblivious to this fact, he rarely shows himself without a helmet. The only time he does not have one on, is if he is in the presence of a Lord or Lady, or at home. He is abnormally tall for a human, but he attributes that to his father being just as tall, along with his mother whom barely missed being over six feet. Muscular and athletic, Leo appears to be someone that spends his free time working out, which wouldn't be too far from the truth.
Personality: Leo does like to converse, but tends to stay quiet unless spoken to directly. He is the type of person that duty comes first, pleasure comes second. Always putting those before himself, he puts himself on the back burner. For this, he doesn't have very many friends. If one gets in a conversation with him, however, they will find that he is very kind and a generous listener.

Character History
Leo grew up in a middle class home. He was an only child growing up, and it was both difficult and rewarding. His father, who was a Guardsman for Cinderport. His travel would cause him to be away for days and sometimes weeks, which meant that Leo was mainly raised by his loving mother. This wasn't a badly thing, needless to say this is where his warmheartedness and gentle soul comes from. Plus, he needed to take care of her, as she had a rare virus that had begun eating her from the inside out. Fatigue, illness, constant physical pain where all some of the symptoms his mother faced. She was strong, though, which Leo happily would say he also picked up from her.

When he was still but a boy, his mother and him traveled over seas, where his father would be guarding the rich from Cinderport to attend the birth of the new Lord of Stormfall. Leo hadn't been much for going out of his home town, as he knew how much his mother could barely travel because of her illness. Yet, it was to be a festival and he knew how much his mother wanted to be there. Although they lived in the town just over the small bed of water, they were loyal to House Sunfyre. Leo was, at the time, still too young to understand why they were loyal to a house they didn't live within city limits of. Yet he would never question his parents and their loyalty.

Halfway through their travels to Stormfall, word came that the Lady of Stormfall had died from childbirth. The news hit his mother hard, and when they reached the island after a long journey, his mother fell very ill. It was then that they found out the heir to the throne would be not a Lord, but a Lady. Although gender meant little to Leo, everyone around him seemed to think it strange. His mother would tell him that during these times, the people of Stormfall would need to come together and praise that the daughter of late Lady Alys was healthy and would one day serve the people as her mother had.

Leo and his family had taken living to Stormfall after his mother never fully recovered from the initial travel to the city. It was to risky to try and travel home. Leo's father became a weapons/armor smith, as becoming a Guardsman for House Sunfyre would be too difficult for a man with as little talent as he did. Of course, being as young as Leo was, he blamed the new Lady for his unfortunate situation. If she had not been born, they would not have traveled to Stormfall, and his mother would be back in their own home, as healthy as she had been before.

For many years, Leo would creep around the keep trying to spot the reason for all his families trouble. It was one day that he finally spotted the Lady Alysanne, who with her long platinum blonde hair and fragile figure, that his feelings for the girl changed. He could tell just from the brief moment he had laid eyes on her, she would be the reason for his existence. Before then, he believed he would follow in his footsteps, take care of his mother and live a simple life. Yet, when he saw the future heir to House Sunfyre, he finally had that feeling that his mother and father had. Why they were so loyal to this House that rested at the brink of the world. The knight inside of him swelled to protect her.

Many years passed, and in that time Leo did not rest. Whether it was taking care of his mother in the mornings before heading to training or taking runs after a long day, he was never stopping. He enrolled in huntsman training with the local guard, and had risen to the top in a matter of months. Becoming the youngest in his class to hold and successfully wield a long sword. By the age of twenty, he had been granted the rank of officer in the cities inner guard. He knew he was one step closer to getting into Lady Alysanne's Guards.

One day while on a run, after all training had been done and his mother was resting, he found himself at the same spot outside of the Keep. It was then, for the second time in his life, did he see her. Only solidifying his chose in life to protect her. Though, this time he did not see a fragile girl. He lay eyes on a girl that had grown, swinging a sword with the Master of Arms. Leo watched for only a moment, before retreating. The last thing he wanted was to be spotted. Leo knew that with a strong leader House Sunfyre would never fall, and it's people would always follow her. With strong people around her, it would only make her that much more formidable. For this, he knew he had to train that much harder.

Over the years, his mother passed, but not before giving birth to his very much younger sister. His mother had been able to spend a few years with her, before finally finding peace in the afterlife. Since then, Leo's father had taken up odd jobs out of the city and left him and his younger sister to live alone. He at this point was more than capable of taking care of his sister, and he did without issue. He studied the laws and kept up with the politics to make sure when he was ready to bend the knee, he knew why he was doing it. That, and what he was getting himself into.

Leo would never stop training, not until the day he had made enough of an impression he was invited to swear his loyalty and bend the knee to Lady Alysanne. The day had finally arrived, and although nervous, it had been what he was waiting for, for as long as he could remember.

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I know this will have to wait for approval via 2 week rule, so no worries. Thanks in advance!
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Re: Leontes Hart

» by Rye » 20th Oct 2017, 6:15 pm

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