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Tur is closing

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Tur is closing

» by Rohan » 10th Jul 2018, 4:26 pm

It is with a heavy heart that we are announcing the closure of our beloved site. Tur has been the home of many fantastic people, staff and members, for many years, but unfortunately, after extensive consideration, Eleanor and I have come to the agreement that Tur has come to the end of its time.

We will have the forums open for the next month for members to save any applications and roleplays they would like to keep before Tur's service is closed. We will also allow players to access extended lore they have submitted to the site so that, if they are the original writers, they can claim their contributions, or so others can contact the original writers for permission to use it beyond Tur. You may continue to post in existing threads, however, new threads and registrations will be disabled. The core lore of the site will be preserved for the possibility of the site re-opening in the future if and when key resources are available for the continuation of site services. You may have to log into your existing accounts to access parts of the site.

Tur will be inaccessible after August 10th until further notice.

We hope that the legacy of Tur will inspire others to create fantastic communities like the one we've had for nearly nine years now, so that we can keep the magic of collaborative creative writing alive. We also hope that our friends and colleagues will understand that we've tried our best to make this place something memorable and precious.

We have also decided to donate all funds contributed by the community to the Girls Who Code charity once the one-month transitional period expires. We have disabled all PayPal donation subscriptions.

Thank you to the hundreds of people that have helped shape the legacy of Tur. Thank you to the staff that tirelessly volunteered to help with the meticulous upkeep and the immense stresses of work that came with keeping the site functional. Thank you to those who helped Eleanor and I through the tough times that came with running such a large site for so long. Thank you to Eleanor for putting your whole heart into the greatest thing I had the honor of starting.

The Tur Discord will remain open until it is no longer in use by the community.

    Thank you for your understanding,
    Rohan & Eleanor
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