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Diaphrax Institute

For lore that is based around your character(s), such as family history, regional descriptions of their home or homeland, please post your lore submissions here for evaluation.
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Sir Schmidt

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Diaphrax Institute

» by Schmidt » 16th Jun 2018, 4:18 pm


The Diaphrax Institute being reconstructed

The Diaphrax Institute of Higher and Unique Learning, known more commonly simply as the Diaphrax Institute, was once one of the most prominent educational establishments in Herrat. Among the many colleagues, universities, libraries and archives of the City of Scholars, the Diaphrax Institute was counted amongst the finest, educating generations of intelligent men and women and sending them out into the world at large.

The year 2754 KD changed all that. In a matter of months the reputation of the Institute was ruined by scandal and misfortune and, in the opening stages of the Siege of Herrat, the entire facility was laid waste to by the crusaders led by Catherine Haust. Unbeknownst to many, this was part of a plot to ensure the continued secrecy of one man's plan, killing off those who knew of him and his designs on the world at large. Now that man seeks to rebuild the Institute and use it as a stepping stone to something more.

Something grander.

The Institute before the Siege of Herrat

Basic Information
  • Population: Small: Once home to over three hundred individuals - student, faculty members and associated staff - the Institute is now just rebuilding. As such there are only a handful of enrolled students and very few teachers; in truth, the Institute's populace is mainly made up of its leading members and the construction workers helping to rebuild it.

  • Religion: As with most of Rugnos, worship of the Elder Lords is dominant in this place of learning. Itheris and Occula wage war here for the minds of those who have returned, as they do throughout the City of Scholars

  • Trade: As part of Herrat, the university receives grants and funding from the city itself. It also had, prior to the siege, a number of patrons and supporters who have since fled, leaving only a handful on whom the Institute can rely upon for financial funding.

  • Defences: The Siege of Herrat revealed a large number of mages amongst the staff who were capable of defending the building momentarily from the crusaders. With those staff members now gone, the Institute relies on the city's guardians - the Knights-Academia - for protection against any threats.
    Politics hasn't really got a place in the Diaphrax Institute. The hierarchy is relatively simple; the Institute is led by the Dean, supported by their faculty members, and beneath them the students and the other staff such as cleaners and librarians. The Institute plays an active part in Herrat itself, having a seat on the Conclave that runs the city, although in a diminished capacity now given its involvement in the siege.
People of Note
Other Information (i.e. history)
    The Diaphrax Institute has been established in Herrat for generations. Among the many quirky, stuffy academies to grace the City of Scholars, the Diaphrax Institute once ranked as one of the most prestigious. Chosen as one of many institutions to sit on the conclave that governed Herrat, the Diaphrax Institute had a reputation for indulging in some of the unusual aspects of the city - lessons in odd topics, quirky teachers and the like - but also maintaining a serious presence in the political arena and publicly announcing their views on things such as the coming of the uk'ura.

    In 2754 KD Balthasar Caradil joined the Diaphrax Institute as the Professor of Luminescence, serving beneath Dean Argus Boltcrank and alongside Keren Toln, Professor of Arcane Knowledge and Pheras Wence, Professor of History. For several months all was calm until the death of Dean Boltcrank, discovered in his room by Balthasar, Keren, Pheras and couple of other colleagues. From there the Institute, and Herrat itself, seemed to quickly devolve into madness. Towards the end of the year Herrat was besieged by Catherine Haust, a paladin in service to Bamot, and her crusaders. The teachers of the Diaphrax Institute, most revealed to be unmarked mages, assailed the crusaders and were attacked in return, the Institute laid low and the staff killed.

    Balthasar, Keren and Pheras were able to flee the city and reach Mardura, keeping track of the siege as they built up their resources and gathered allies. By the time they returned to Herrat in 2755 KD, Amilsa, the siege was over and, after confirming there are no remaining records of their first stint at the academy, they have taken to rebuilding it.
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Re: Diaphrax Institute

» by Bees » 17th Jun 2018, 2:26 am

Hey @Schmidt

To start things off, please know that the Lore Rules (specifically regarding personal lore) have changed since you’ve returned to us, and I will be evaluating this submission based on these new rules.

Going off the ‘People of Note’ section, I assume you mean this lore to be attached to your character Balthasar. Since he is level 3, the Diaphrax Institute will be considered to have the same reputation level as him, meaning that all the fame, and infamy, of that kind of status in the region should be taken into consideration.

With that in mind, let’s begin:

The Siege of Herrat revealed a large number of mages amongst the staff who were capable of defending the building momentarily from the crusaders. With those staff members now gone, the Institute relies on the city's guardians - the Knights-Academia - for protection against any threats.

While Herrat is a city of scholars and progressive thinkers, they are still under Rugnosant rule and must obey Rugnosant law regarding unmarked mages. This blurb taken out of Herrat's lore page conveys this pretty well:

In addition to the Knights Academia, Houses Toden and Anundid have a presence in Herrat. Due to the vast quantities of materials kept in the city, and the possibility that some contain forbidden magical knowledge, these Great Houses have a fortified manor inside the city from which they jointly operate. They investigate rumours of these sorts of texts, and sometimes interfere with the investigations and activities of the Knights Academia, much to their chagrin.

As soon as it was revealed that the Diaphrax Institute was harboring mages amongst its staff, funders and other academies would want to distance themselves from such a scandal. That, combined with possible connections (even if unconfirmed) to the Siege of Herrat, would leave very little political room for them to maneuver. Simply put, I can’t see Herrat allowing the institute to rebuild and remain a part of the city in any capacity, even a diminished one.

With the history as you have it now, Herrat, including the Knights-Academia, would not support the rebuilding of the institute and would likely actively try to disband t in order to save face after such a scandal.

...after confirming there are no remaining records of their first stint at the academy, they have taken to rebuilding it.

This part of the history feels too convenient for my liking. They might be able to destroy their own records, but if the academy “was counted among the finest” and had been a presence in Herrat for generations as the lore states, then there would be no possible way to find and cover up all evidence of the Dean of the Institute’s involvement.

Instead, Balthasar Caradil and company would be considered fugitives of Rugnos for harboring unmarked mages and potentially playing a role in the Siege of Herrat.

I know this is a lot of conceptual stuff to change, but too much is happening ‘off-screen’ in this lore for me to feel comfortable approving it. If you are set on Balthasar returning and rebuilding the institute, a lot more groundwork plot-wise will need to be done.
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