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House Roann

For lore that is based around your character(s), such as family history, regional descriptions of their home or homeland, please post your lore submissions here for evaluation.

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House Roann

» by Krossis » 5th Jun 2018, 4:37 pm

Jarldom of House Roann

”Loyalty and Bravery, in both Words and Action”

[House Information]

House Summary

House Roann is has been around for generations. They were the first family to claim Jarldom over Vestkystenhold, and still claim the title to this day. Though their ancestry is rooted by warriors and tales of battle, today the house is much more political than it was when the house was first founded. The Kingdom of Borys is full of warriors, and House Roann prides itself to bring scholars, tradesmen and strategists into the Kings land. Mastery of one’s craft, no matter the skill, is one of the greatest honors the men of House Roann acclaim to. Be it baking bread, fishing, smithing, political prowess, or strategy on the battlefield, the men and women of House Roann all find their purpose, and do everything they can to achieve greatness in their field of expertise. For man years, House Roann has held onto the idea that they would be known not for their warriors, but for the knowledge they clutch to dearly. “Loyalty and Bravery, in both Words and Action.”

    1264 KD Karathain Roann Establishes in Vestkystenhold, raising the city of Roarkrest.
    1678 KD Karathain Roann appoints himself Jarl of Vestkystenhold, uniting the smaller villages of the land.
    1679 KD Dispute over ownership and Jarldom of Vestkystenhold begins, forcing the hand of House Roann to ready for oncoming war.
    1701 KD Through years of conflict and strife, Karathain emerges victorious over the surrounding clans securing Jarldom of the land, and its people.
    1729 KD Jarl Karathain dies from illness, appointing his son, Aryn, as the new Jarl just before his death.
    1746 KD After a brief time of peace, Vestkystenhold experiences an onslaught of raids from the surrounding Nations, spreading the strength of House Roann to defend its people.
    1750 KD Aryn Roann makes a pact with the surrounding Raider tribes, promising food and shelter for winters to come to end the bloodshed. Word spreads of Aryn’s accomplishments, influencing other surrounding Raider clans to fight for the Roann cause.
    1755 KD Aryn begins to bring new trade into his Land upon finding a deep cavern filled with Iron, copper, and other precious alloy. With the new found materials, House Roann begins to expand the city of Roarkrest, leading to a new generation of smith’s and metal workers.
    1778 KD Before his death, due to natural causes, Aryn makes an Order that those loyal to House Roann are trained in their new found craft, providing work for all under their Jarldom. Threvis is appointed the new Jarl and head of House.
    1941 KD Generations pass with House Roann keeping its word to protect and serve all those who pledge loyalty to their banner and live on their land. Krayne, the current Jarl, was under oath to the Allking to amass his Host in an oncoming war. He himself, lead the band of soldiers, leaving his son Jalmar to rule in his stead.
    1965 KD Krayne returned from war, finding his city in near chaos. Jalmar ordered those under him to create raiding parties to show force of their rule over the surrounding Nations. House Roann was formed on traditions and good standings, and when Jalmar’s younger brother Thaal opposed him, the Jarl jailed his own flesh and blood for questioning his rule.
    1966 KD Krayne was denied his return to rule, despite the backing of his people. Jalmar turned his new found Raiders inward, creating death and bloodshed within the House, even killing his own Father. When news of the tragedy reached Thaal, he declared a duel for Jarldom of the Nation and defeated his brother. Though he refused to kill his own flesh and blood when the duel was over, Thaal sentenced his brother to prison until the end of his days.
    1967 KD With Thaal established as the new Head of House and Jarl of Vestkystenhold, he did everything he could to return to the old traditions of which House Roann was founded, putting an end to the violence of his homeland.
    2234 KD House Roann continued to maintain its hold of Jarldom over the land of Vestkysterhold, and with a new generation of Scholars and builders, the expansion of Roarkrest, and Roann Hall went underway, bringing an age of politicians, as opposed to warriors.
    2721 KD For nearly 500 years, House Roann maintained its traditions, raising politicians, crafters, tradesman and scholars. The Army which rallied under its banner was now only large enough to maintain peace among the country folk, and keep its people well protected. Jarl Johra created a new order that all of its people become trained in battle tactics, as well as politics, to provide the Kingdom of Borys with strategist’s more so than soldiers. House Roann was known for its wisdom, not its warriors.
    2755 KD Jarl Johra the Wise appoints his son Matthis Roann as the new head of house, and Jarl of Vastkystenhold, who would bring about a new age of House Roann.
Past Actions & Achievements of Importance
  • House Roann erected the city of Roarkrest, becoming the first house to unite the villages and tribes of Vestkystenhold under a single banner.
  • House Roann brought on generations of crafters and scholars upon finding a deep vein of metals on their land.
  • After conflict within the house was settled by 2 feuding brothers, House Roann began to train those under its banner in politics, ending the lust for warfare in the lands of Vestkystenhold.
  • Becoming the breeding ground for Knowledge in Borys, House Roann stood firmly by their traditions, keeping very few warriors, but offering the Allking the greatest Strategists in the Kingdom.

Hierarchy and Members
    Current head of House: Matthis Roann

    House Roann is an ancient house founded on loyalty and traditions. The title of Jarl remains in the House since its creation, following the chain of royalty. The first born son of the current Jarl will succeed him when the current Jarl either dies, or appoints his next Heir. If the only children of the current Jarl are female, then the Title of Jarless is appointed to them upon the same conditions. Any who marry into the family will then take the Roann name, leaving the blood member as Head of House.

Reputation, Alliances and Affiliations
    House Roann is known for many things throughout the Kingdom of Borys. First and foremost, the House is rather Famous for its renowned strategist’s and politicians rather than it’s warriors. Their trade revolves much around the exportation of many precious minerals such as iron, silver, copper and other a handful of other metals, exchanging these good for resources that are not easily obtained in Vestkystenhold. House Roann has also held control over Vestkystenhold for over a century, being one of the oldest houses in Borys.

List of Allies and Adversaries

Blue indicates a strong alliance
Green indicates mutually profitable arrangements or a one-sided appreciation, more neutral than anything else
Red indicates a heated rivalry

  • Andrag: Common trade city for House Roann. Established trade route between Roarkrest and Andrag keeps the capitals in good standings.
  • Hellisdalr: Capital of Borys, House Roann trades many metals found in their mines to the city, as well as keeping politicians and advisors in the council.
  • Wayland Wilds Elven Clans: Capable of securing some of the finest fur’s, House Roann has set up a deal with a few of the Elven tribes in the Wayland wilds with the help of one of their advisors. The clan trades their fur’s for metals from House Roann, who then uses the furs to make clothing, or sell them for better prices at market.

OOC Notes
    This house is open to all who wish to join, but please PM me before making an RPC or joining the house so we can keep track of members!
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Re: House Roann

» by Bees » 5th Jun 2018, 7:11 pm


Hi there! I see that this is still a WIP, so I'll hold off on a full review for now. Just dropping in to let you know that writing house lore for your character will actually be considered personal lore, not canon lore. I've gone ahead and moved this topic to the appropriate forum for ya.

If you haven't done so already, please take a look at the Lore Rules & Overview thread, this topic has details about the difference between personal and canon lore submissions. And always, let me know if you have any questions!
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Re: House Roann

» by Krossis » 5th Jul 2018, 12:50 pm

I do believe this is done now. Let me know if there is anything else I can do to get this approved!
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