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Cirus Terrac

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Cirus Terrac
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Cirus Terrac

» by Cirus Terrac » 6th Aug 2017, 1:47 pm

Cirus Terrac
a player character created by Spartan926

  • Character Information •  
Name: - Cirus Terrac
Race: - Elf
Age: - 100
Gender: - Male
Alignment: - Lawful Evil
Deity: - None

  • Character Lifestyle •  
Place of Birth: - Mevenua
Current Residence: - Mevenua
Affiliations: - House Terrac (Primary) House Sharion (secondary)

Reputation: Lvl 2
Primary Profession: - Elenroquen
Secondary Profession: - Noble

  • Character Skills & Abilities •  
Areas of Expertise:
  • Languages -
    Common (Fluent)
    Elvish (Fluent)
    Uk’ura (Can read)
  • Literacy - Common (Fluent)
  • Literacy - Elven (Fluent)
  • Diplomacy - Moderate
  • Tactics - Expert
  • Strategy - Mastered
  • Archery - Proficient
  • Swordsmanship - Expert
  • Guerilla warfare - Mastered
Tidetouched? No
[list][*]Magemarked? No

  • Character Appearance •  

Complexion: -Fair Skinned
Height: - 6’4”
Build: - Toned
Eye Color: - Blond
Hair Color: - Green
Distinguishing Features: -
Description: - Physically fit with well toned muscle, Cirus keeps himself in simple clothes when in the field and dress befitting a noble when conducting himself at court. He always appears to be a cold and distant man, with little in the way of emotion showing on his face in public. His eyes are often described as hard, as one would expect from a man who has watched his nation betray itself.

  • Character Background •  

Born a bastard of Galen Terrac and his third mistress, Cirus was never meant to inherit his family’s lands. He was the first son of his father, but considered illegitimate due to his mother being one of the wildkin elves of the woods. His father did have him legitimized when Cirus was a grown man, but the stigma of his birth never left him.

When Cirus was very young he was sent to live with his mothers people. An exile of sorts brought on by his low status and the threat he posed to his uncles. It was here that he would spend the first twenty years of his life. His mothers people were no more welcoming of him than his fathers had been, thinking him soft for being born in the seclusion of the walls of the Ironwood Keep. As he grew up he proved the elders initial impressions wrong, but he fought for the respect every step of the way. While living with his mothers people he learned how to hunt, how to clean a kill, and most importantly for his future, that you could only trust yourself when you were lost in the woods.

When Cirus had seen twenty five winters his father took ill and called upon his son to return home. He was legitimized shortly thereafter, as many of his uncles and their sons had all died under mysterious circumstances and it looked like his father would be next. Fortunately for the house his father made a full recovery, and continued to rule their house for another sixty five years.

After his fathers recovery Cirus enlisted within the regular army of Mevenua, Due to his skills he was immediately given the designation of a Mehtayar. Here he met many men and women of house Sharion, including the man who he would come to respect as his mentor. A man who taught him more about the ways of war and command then his father ever would. Elenroquen Thordan was a man who had been fighting longer than many of his charges had been alive, and he drilled into his men a lesson that Cirus had never learned in his life despite his hardship. If you are to win your battles, you must be ready to sacrifice everything.

During his time in the army Cirus became known for his ruthless attitude, telling some of the lordlings that came with him on hunts and scouting missions if they got injured they would be left to find their own way back if they couldn’t keep up. One such incident saw his eldest surviving uncle get his head smashed in during a training exercise, and Cirus refusing to stop the exercise to seek medical treatment. Another uncle would die of a similar incident, leading some to whisper of intentional strikes against the man by the up and coming son of Galen. No evidence of intentional foul play could ever be found, but it didn’t stop the whispers.

At the age of forty five Cirus first daughter was born, her mother was a ward of a minor noble house. The union was a purely political match, his father trying to tie down an alliance with another noble house in an attempt to bring some much needed business to Ironwood Keep. His first child followed shortly thereafter, a daughter. Galen was displeased, Cirus didn’t care, and the childs mother was left to raise her alone as Cirus continued his service within the military and his fathers court. It was not until the girl was old enough to walk that he would show an interest in his little girl, and even then only as a soldier for the front lines. Two more daughters would follow, with his wife once again raising the girls until they were old enough to start to learn something.

It was shortly after the birth of his third daughter and the subsequent death of his first wife that Cirus father took ill. No healer could be found to help him and whatever illness he had contracted took him from this world. There were whispers of his guilt almost immediately, as his father had been in talks to marry for the first time in his life. The talk of a legitimate heir causing him to be suspected of murder. No evidence was ever found and his friends in house Sharon along with his father in law’s wealth kept any investigation from finding the real culprit.

Life at the keep went on as usual for the most part. When Cirus was not busy with his service in the army he was acting as lord of the lands his father had passed on to him. He became known among his own hold as a harsh judge, but otherwise just when dealing with the people. This boiled down to him having as little respect for titles as he did for money. Merit was a true measure of a person’s worth, not the coin they brought with them or the titles that another had bestowed upon them.

During his time as lord of the keep and soldier in the Mevenuan army, Cirus met a woman who had won his respect. Io was a bit older than him, and though they had never served together he had noticed her in the few occasions when their paths crossed. He reached out first seeking an ally, but quickly found what he considered a kindered soul. Driven to defend their home and way of life in a way that few of the other Mehtayar were. Shortly after they began corresponding through letters they were married, a matter of convenience for him at first as it stopped the constant harassment of suitors and their fathers who sought to gain some edge from him. Yet Io’s presence brought a much needed calm to his own actions, tempering a rage that he had not been aware of.

When the Spellwar came Cirus took his chances and tried to reform Ironwood keep into what it should always have been, a place of soldiers and killers. The whole of Ironwood keep was turned to support the war as every man who could wield a bow was outfitted. Conscription was put in place and made mandatory, those who did not fight or contribute did not eat from the grain stores. Those who could contribute more were taken care of by the castle and its staff. Yet for all their efforts they could not win the war alone.

Despite the regular armies constant victories and Cirus own efforts to turn his houses lands into a military encampment, the war was lost. The rest of Mevenua did not have the will to fight on and a peace treaty was signed. The Elves soveriegnty was lost, and they were forced to submit their mages to be marked by house Toden. Cirus lost many friends in those days, some locked away never to be seen again. This betrayal could not be forgotten, and he resolved that should the elves rise again he would see their nation free or dead.

  • Out of Character •  
Player: Spartan926
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Re: Cirus Terrac

» by Garuda » 17th Aug 2017, 1:46 pm

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