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Jarinid Eilsiryn

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Jarinid Eilsiryn
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Jarinid Eilsiryn

» by Jarinid Eilsiryn » 12th Nov 2014, 3:35 am

Jarinid Eilsiryn
a player character created by Marjorie

  • Character Information •  
Name: Jarinid Eilsiryn -
Race: - Drow
Age: - 76
Gender: - M
Alignment: - LE
Deity: – The Mothers – Zatinuth and Roth

  • Character Lifestyle •  
Place of Birth: - Killain, Underdeep
Current Residence: – Killain, Underdeep
Affiliations: - His mother, House Eilisryn, Killain, himself

Reputation: None.
Primary Profession: - breeder
Secondary Profession: – protector of Killain
…and whatever his mother and house bid of him

  • Character Skills & Abilities •  
Areas of Expertise:
  • Languages - Common (Fluent)
  • Literacy - Common (Average)
  • Languages – Drow (fluent)
  • Literacy – Drow (Average)
  • Swordsmanship; single weapon (mastered); dual blades (talented); single, double bladed (talented)
  • Spear/staff (talented)
  • Bow (talented)
  • Use of Armor (leather/chain/plate) (talented)
  • Military tactics (skilled)
  • Pleasures of the flesh (talented)
  • Alteration (naturally talented)
Tidetouched? Yes
  • Magemarked? No.
  • School of Magic:Alteration
Current Extent of Ability:
Jarinid is neither a very powerful mage, nor an overly weak one.
illusionary sounds Nothing much louder than a person’s normal talking voice though. [Sounds are minor abilities]
illusionary images Moving or still, but he can’t paint an entire scene. He can make the likeness of an object or creature no larger than that of a normal person, or alter minor things across a large area (such as changing the color of the walls in a room or the lighting within a room) as long as he isn’t altering the whole of the environment. [Images are moderate abilities]
[major abilities] none

Jarinid can cast up to 6 minor abilities or 3 moderate ones in a day... or some combination of both, assuming 2 minor abilities = 1 moderate one. Casting beyond this amount is possible up to 2 more moderate spell slots, but each additional one drains him physically to the point that he will need to rest after each for an hour or two or sleep for several hours if he maxes out, so it is unlikely that he would do so, because he needs to keep on his toes. Casting more frequently in a day than this would be foolish because it could drain him to the point of death.

  • Character Appearance •  
Complexion: - clear completion, smooth skin, though his body does bare some scars from a life of training and battle, silvery grey skin tone
Height: – 5’11
Build: – 152 lbs
Eye Color: - red
Hair Color: - silver
Distinguishing Features: – intricate tattooing that runs from the back of his neck over his shoulders, down the backs of his arms, his back, and the back of his legs, eventually wrapping around his shins; lip and nose piercings
Jarinid is tall for a male, and solidly built. He looks powerfully strong, and he is. This is due to a life time of combat training. In general, there is no weapon that he can’t pick up and use to some varying degree of skill, even if he’s not overly talented with it.

Jarinid is highly loyal to his house, he has fought, bled, and killed many for it. He's dedicated, ruthless, vishous, and relentless. Once set to a task death is the only thing likely to stop him from accomplishing it.

  • Character Background •  

Jarinid was born to the matron mother of house Eilsiryn and her second consort. Her first, favored pet… died in an unfortunate “accident” after the birth of her second child... and when she gave birth to a male bred of her next consort, he was eliminated as well. Jirindi however was already born.

His mother had little to do with him when he was a child… but even from a young age it was apparent that he was going to grow into a tall and strong man. He also had a particularly vicious streak, which his mother sought to exploit. She would make a tool of him. So he was set to training with weapons and molded into a warrior and a killer of great skill. Jarinid excelled. He enjoyed his training, and as he grew from a boy into adolescence, he began to not only best his trainers… but occasionally end them. He cared not.

In his twenty third year Jarinid’s tidal abilities began to manifest and over the years he has learned to control them and they have grown stronger.

Because he is so physically capable, and has some decent magical abilities, these days, Jarinid is and often sought out breeder – loaned out by his mother to many a noble-woman. When he’s not warming a bed he’ll be found watching the borders of Killain or set to whatever tasks his mother has assigned him.

  • Out of Character •  
Player: Marjorie

Edits: Minor corrections to info., and typos (11/27/14)
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Re: Jarinid Eilsiryn

» by Anima » 13th Nov 2014, 7:06 pm

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