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Iden Berit Eoghann

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Iden Eoghann
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Iden Berit Eoghann

» by Iden Eoghann » 19th Jul 2015, 12:13 am

Iden Berit Eoghann
a player character created by Marjorie


  • Character Information •  
Name: – Iden Beret Egohann
Race: – valari (grey wolf)
Age: – 30
Gender: – M
Alignment: – CG
Deity: – the four


  • Character Lifestyle •  
Place of Birth: – Out in the wilds of the Boran Chain
Current Residence: – Boran Chain, wonderer
Affiliations: – Eoghann Pack; Lamplighters

Reputation: None; within the Eoghann pack Iden rose to the position of Beta before leaving to seek a mate/find his fortune, and perhaps start his own pack
Primary Profession: – ranger/guide
Secondary Profession: – healer


  • Character Skills & Abilities •  
Areas of Expertise:
    mastered>>talented>>above average>>average>>below average
  • Languages - Common (Fluent); Rugnosanit (average)
  • Literacy - Common (Average)
  • Hunting (mastered)
  • Tracking [via sound, scent, and tracks] (mastered)
  • Wolf's Scent [like a wolf able to determine things like species, gender, whether or not a female is in heat, and how old the scent is; ability to tell where a person has been/what kind of terrain they have been in via scent; ability to smell other people/animals on a person/animal they have been in contact with, etc]
  • Wolf's Hearing [like a wolfs up to 10 miles away out in the open (6mi in forest) in anthro/wolf form; in human form (6 miles open/3 miles forest); this ability is diminished in noisy places like cities during the day, where his hearing is still more sensitive, but limited to the “immediate” area which may vary by size from a room to a building to a mile depending on the level of noise]
  • Wolf's Vision [low light vision, and EXTREMELY sensitive to movement, but also RED/GREEN colorblind; otherwise normal]
  • Run Like a Wolf (mastered) [in wolf/anthro form: average long distance running speed 8-10mph for up to 60 miles (this is average for a wolf); in human form speed of 8-10mph for about 15-20 miles; in wolf form only: capable of bursts up to 35mph for short distances)
  • Wolf's Endurance (talented) [wolves are incredible endurance runners, and a lifetime of long distance running with his pack has lead him to have great physical endurance in most physically demanding activities)
  • Bite (mastered) [all forms form]
  • Claws (matered) [wolf/anthro form]
  • Staff (talented) [Anthro/human form]
  • Hand-to-hand combat (talented) [Anthro/human form]
  • Wilderness Survival (talented)
  • Healing/Medicinal herbs (talented)
Tidetouched? Yes.
  • Magemarked? No.
  • School of Magic: Elemental
Current Extent of Ability:
Iden is most experienced and practiced with magics involving fire and water. His abilities with these opposing forces have always suited him well. He can start fires and manipulate flames that already burn. He can make them grow or shrink (or even extinguish them) in both size and heat and intensity, as well as push them around. His abilities with water are similar… he can melt, boil, or freeze it. He can also “throw” and freeze water, essentially throwing sharp icicles at people.

Difficulty of the spell and amount of energy drain it causes increases with the size/intensity of the flame or the size of the “body” of water he is attempting to manipulate.

His abilities with other elements are more rudimentary but he can still manipulate the other two elements (earth and air). He uses these abilities best when using them to enhance his abilities with water or fire. In such ways he may use a small breeze of short gust of wind to push an icicle with more speed, spread a flame across a fuel source, or turn the ground beneath a foe’s feet to thick mud. Use of earth and air magics increase the difficulty of the spell and energy drain that Iden experiences.


  • Character Appearance •  

Human Form
Complexion: - fair, but tanned from time spent outside
Height: – 5’10”
Build: – 152lbs; solidly built, muscular
Eye Color: – clear green, changes color with his mood from deep sea blue to bright green
Hair Color: – brown, peppered with rusty reds and blacks, similar to the colors highlighting his wolf coat
Distinguishing Features: – canine teeth

Anthro Form
Height: – 5’5
Build: – 152lbs; slightly hunched back from shoulders starting to come forward reminiscent of a quadruped animal, back legs change noticeably to look more canine, long bones of the foot extending, and long bones of the legs shrinking, moving the position of the ankle and knee; nose extends into a snout and ears elongate somewhat reminiscent of a wolf’s, with the ability to oscillate; his tail appears
Eye Color: - clear green, changes color with his mood from deep sea blue to bright green
Hair Color: – hair turns to fur covering the whole of his body, mainly white along his belly and what would be his underside, as a wolf, lower arms and legs are white, along his back, face, neck, and head he had browns, grays, and reds blended into his fur in the distinct pattern of a wolf’s.

Wolf Form
Height: – 3ft at the shoulder; 5’6” from back of the hip to tip of the nose, with a 20” tail
Build: – 152lbs, massive for a grey wolf, and built of solid muscle
Eye Color: - clear green, changes color with his mood from deep sea blue to bright green
Hair Color: – fur covering the whole of his body, mainly white along his belly and underside, lower legs are white, along his back, face, neck, and head he has browns, grays, and reds blended into his fur

Play-By: Jeremy Renner

Description: Iden’s about average height and weight compared to a normal human, but he’s solidly build and moves with a predatory grace. There is power and intensity in the way he moves and acts. It would be a lie to say he wasn't prone to violence, though he doesn't believe in pointless violence, he is a predator in every meaning of the word. He’s very good at working with and organizing small teams though he prefers not to be in charge of multiple groups working separately.

Iden is often lonely as he often travels far from his home territories and tends to spend much of his time away from his former pack, though they will always be family, and he visits them from time to time. He is a social creature, enjoying storytelling and other forms of friendly exchange, but he is also quick to prove himself the dominant leader, if he can. He is also highly competitive and enjoys games and sports where there can be a clear winner.

Iden is a pure carnivore and will only eat vegetation when he has no other choice - he prefers his meat fresh and raw,
but will eat cooked/smoked/dried meats when he must. His usual diet consists of 7-10lbs of meat a day. Venison is his favorite food source, but he will eat fish, fowl, rodents, rabbits, ad livestock, etc., but he dislikes eating other predatory animals if it can be avoided.


  • Character Background •  
For a wolf, their pack is their center of gravity. Shortly after reaching adulthood, Iden quickly rose to the position of Beta directly under his parents and above all seven of his brothers and sisters… but he wanted more. Not wanting to or willing to challenge and oust his father from the pack, he left instead… in search of a mate and with hopes of one day starting his own pack. He has been on the hunt for these things for the better part of the last three years now.

Iden sometimes feels lost without the constant companionship, sense of family and belonging, even the ever present rivalry, that his pack always gave him. He is lonely, and feels out of place not knowing who is above or below him, what his place is, where he belongs. Because he feels so out of place and alone he is often quick to establish his place within the hierarchy when he is with, around, and working with other people.

  • Out of Character •  
Player: Marjorie
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Re: Iden Berit Eoghann

» by Vigils » 20th Jul 2015, 11:11 pm

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