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Aigneis Merna Trahern Aravell

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Aigneis Aravell
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Aigneis Merna Trahern Aravell

» by Aigneis Aravell » 9th Feb 2015, 6:36 pm

Aigneis Merna Trahern Aravell
a player character created by Marjorie

  • Character Information •  
Name: - Aigneis Merna Trahern Aravell
Race: – High Elf
Age: – 42
Gender: – M
Alignment: – LG
Deity: – Taneth and Bamot

  • Character Lifestyle •  
Place of Birth: – Ramenthali, on the southwestern border of Tarnossë Sharion.
Affiliations: – Anari, Tarnossia, Tarnossë Aravell, Endanossë (The Heartclan), Ramenthali

Reputation: None.
Primary Profession: – noble
Secondary Profession: – professional pacifist, encourage-er of peace and friendly relations, eternal pain in his father’s ass

  • Character Skills & Abilities •  
Areas of Expertise:
    Fluent>average>below average
  • Languages - Common (Fluent), Elven (Fluent), Rugnosanti (fluent), Borysian (fluent), Saurian (fluent), Drow (average)
    literate>average>below average
  • Literacy - Common (literate), Elven (literate), Rugnosanti (literate), Borysian (literate), Saurian (literate), Drow (below average)
    Mastered>talented>average>below average
  • Public speaking (talented)
  • Keeping his cool/keeping from losing his temper (mastered)
  • Writing, his hand writing is beautiful, and he often adds illuminations to his letters and things. (talented)
  • Dancing (talented)
  • Diplomacy (talented)
  • Social/Court Edict (mastered)
  • Horsemanship (average)
  • flutist (average)
  • Agility (talented)
  • Knowledge [politics] (talented)

  • Character Appearance •  
Complexion: – fair and unflawed
Height: – 5’11”
Build: – 115lbs lithe, slender, willowy, and delicate boned
Eye Color: – emerald green
Hair Color: – brown
Distinguishing Features: – strikingly innocent looking
Description: -The thing that people notice first about Aigneis is that he is very young, by Elven standards at least. He looks a boy, though he’s well into his fortieth year. Indeed, to his own people, he is still very much a child. His deep, green eyes reflect patience and kindness. His skin is fair and un-flawed, and the innocence of youth and inexperience is plain to see in his soft expression and bright smile. He is slender, and lithe, willowy, to the point of looking delicate, but he is not fragile… just still growing into himself. It will be a decade or two before he is fully grown. He moves with the sort of grace that Elves are known for, and he speaks with the sort of presence his body cannot command. Kind, and warm hatred, his words speak of peace, and bringing people together… he seems wise when he speaks, even at his young age. He is however, very naive, and inexperienced with the world.

  • Character Background •  
Aigneis is an only child born to Aleena and Gelander Aravell. He was born into nobility, as an Aravell. This afforded him an excellent education in just about anything that he showed an interest in. Being patient, and naturally studious, served his education well. Aigneis learned to speak, read, and write in several languages over the course of his childhood. He’s also developed beautiful handwriting and a love of art. He often draws and paints.

Aigneis father, Gelander, is brother to Lánna Aravell, the current holder of the High Seat of Tarnossë Aravell.

Aigneis is also deeply rooted in his religion. Bamot and Taneth are his beacons, and he is often found attending one church or the other. He’s devoted some of his time to religious studies, which sees him often in conversation with Priests and other servants of the churches he attends.

Coming from the Tarnossë that has and produces some of the best and most capable diplomats within Anari, it is not surprising that Aigneis is following that path. He had bent his education and skill set toward serving that end, and hopes to help his people remain at peace with the many people in neighboring lands.

  • Out of Character •  
Player: Marjorie

2/18/14 Small edits to history: his father is the sister of the leader of Tarnossë Aravell, and changed the name of the city he was born in/resides in.
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Re: Aigneis Merna Trahern Aravell

» by Vigils » 16th Feb 2015, 12:14 pm

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