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» by L'Barra » 2nd Jan 2015, 1:50 am

L’barra Mal’rae Telgahym
a player character created by Marjorie

  • Character Information •  
Name: - Mal’rae Telgahym, l'barra
Race: - Drow
Age: – 139; appears to be late twenties, early thirties
Gender: - M
Alignment: - LE
Deity: – The Mothers (Roth and Zatinuth)

  • Character Lifestyle •  
Place of Birth: – Somewhere in the underdeep
Current Residence: – no permanent residence, typically in the underdeep
Affiliations: - Vel'Xunyrr

Reputation: None.
Primary Profession: – spy, thief, infiltrator

  • Character Skills & Abilities •  
Areas of Expertise:
    Expert/fluent>skilled>proficient>average>below average
  • Languages - Common (Fluent); Drow (fluent); Drow sign (fluent); Elven (average); Rugnosanti (average); Borrysian (average); Saurian (average); Dwarven (average)
  • Literacy - Common (Average); Drow (fluent); Elven (average); Rugnosanti (average); Borrysian (average); Saurian (average); Dwarven (average)
  • Code Decryption (skilled)
  • Recognizing regional accents (skilled)
  • Ropes (for binding, escaping, climbing, etc.)(expert)
  • Climbing (expert)
  • Stealth(expert)
  • Use of poisons and poisoned weapons (includes knowledge of countering poisons)(expert)
  • Blow darts (expert)
  • Acrobatics (expert)
  • Daggers/throwing knives (proficient)
Tidetouched? Yes
  • Magemarked? No.
  • School of Magic: Alteration
Current Extent of Ability:
It was discovered that Mal’rae had magical talent when he was a young boy, in his teens, and his mother, seeking to profit from it, saw to it that he had tutors and proper training in the magical arts. He spent forty years honing his skills with tutors, and continues practicing on his own these days.

Example spells:

Illusory sounds [Minor]: Mal’rae can create illusory sounds or mask sounds that exists within a space. This includes changing the sound of his own voice to match that of any person he has heard speak, creating sounds like a knock at the door, or hiding a sound like footsteps. This ability lasts up to 4 minutes.

Color change [Minor]: The ability to change the color of objects. Lasts up to 4 min.

Faulse Scent [Minor]: The ability to either create ‘ghost’ scents or mask existing scents. Lasts up to 2 min and encompasses an area no larger than an average room.

Mask Face [Moderate]: Mal’rae has the ability to change the appearance of his face to match that of any person who he has seen, and lasts up to 8 minutes.

Change Self [Moderate]: Mal’rae has the ability to change his entire appearance, including his face, body, clothing, etc., and this lasts for up to 4 minutes.

Cool-downs: Mal’rae can cast up to 4 moderate spells per day (1 moderate = 2 minor) and requires a ten minute cool-down between moderate spells, and a ten minute cool down between every 2 minor spells. Skipping cool-downs will cause him to be drained physically and mentally, skipping more than one cool-down is not advisable as it would exhaust him to the point of passing out.

  • Character Appearance •  
Complexion: - dull grey
Height: – 5’10”
Build: – slender (a bit malnourished), but muscular, built like a gymnast
Eye Color: - red
Hair Color: - white
Distinguishing Features: – His whole body bares obvious evidence of significant amounts of physical abuse and torture, however; he keeps himself clothed from neck to toe at all times, and you'll never hear him complain about pain (real or imagined). He greatly dislikes seeing the scars that litter his body, as they are a constant reminder of the torture he endured.

He keeps his face masked at all times, unless there’s a reason for it not to be. This is out of habit and necessity, he would be in great danger were anyone to discover who he was.

  • Character Background •  
Few people know Mal’rae’s true name, and fewer have seen his face. His birth was kept a secret. His mother had hoped for a second daughter, but what she got was a first son. She claimed a miscarriage and raised Mal’rae in secret. His whole life has been shrouded in secret. He was never acknowledged by his mother officially, and he spent his entire childhood training in the arts of subterfuge and thievery. By the time he was in his forties, Mal’rae’s mother had put him to work spying for her, gathering information, and infiltrating other houses and organizations. He was always cared for, and compensated monetarily, and he always had a place in his mother’s home, even if none knew he was actually his mother’s son – her favored and most useful son (by the time his other brothers came along).

Three years ago, Mal’rae discovered just how expendable he was. He was captured – it was an expertly laid trap, but that didn’t matter… he expected to be retrieved eventually. Precautions and plans for such events had been put into play before hand, because Mal’rae and his mother had expected this to be a trap ahead of time.

No one came to retrieve him.

Days past, then a week. Mal’rae was brutally tortured, but he gave his captors nothing. Weeks turned into months, months turned into a year… and after two years of imprisonment he finally saw an opportunity to escape, and he took it.

Now Mal’rae has left his name behind, picking up the moniker l'barra (the shadow). He’s sworn a personal vow of revenge against his mother. Until he sees the opportunity to make that goal a reality, he’s been living on the streets and on whatever his wits can provide him.

Only very recently L'Barra has been initiated into Vel'Xunyrr as a full member... he's a little bit self entitled though, and irritated as they've yet to recognize the full extent of his skills.

  • Out of Character •  
Player: Marjorie Marjorie
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Re: L'Barra

» by Crow » 4th Jan 2015, 1:16 am


  • Character Magical Items •  
Cloak of Invisibilityshow spoiler
Item Nickname: Cloak of Invisibility
Type of Item: Cloak

School of Magic: Alteration

Ability Description: When activated, by pulling the cloak tightly about the body, the cloak causes the person wearing it, and their gear, to turn invisible for up to five minutes. It can only be used twice in an day and has a one hour cool-down.

Physical Description: A simple, hooded, black cloak.
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