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Chapter Two: The Winds of War

A Non-Player Character (NPC) is a minor character that you either want to share with other players or are characters that are supplemental to the development of your story but are not someone you want to actively roleplay as a fully developed player character.
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Chapter Two: The Winds of War

» by Vol » 6th Nov 2016, 6:51 pm

It is the Year 2754 KD, Nasytas, and things are changing in the World of Tur.

A new race has been born, deep in the darkness of the uk'uran Lowlands, and the tides of war are turning - though it remains to be seen in whose favour they turn. Will fate favour Rugnos, or the Uk'braugi Great-Tribe? Will the winds of war spell demise for the dragon scourge, or for all mortal life on Tur?

In Chapter Two: The Winds of War, every player will have the chance to play their part in a story that could chronicle the end of a great age and the birth of another. Every warrior, commander, healer, explorer, mage, outcast, leader, hero and villain is called to take part in a war to end all wars.
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